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Unconstitutional Vaccine Law AB2109 Passes the CA State Assembly Health Committee-4 of 7

If AB2109 makes it through to Governor Brown’s desk, chances are he will sign it as he did AB499. This would be another huge blow to the rights of California’s parents. We need to fight this, it’s not over yet. It is unconstitutional to force a citizen to pay money to secure their Constitutional rights. Questions have been raised re happenings at the hearing. Many have said that the media stopped filming & left directly after the medical establishment had their say in support of the bill, leaving the opposition with no media voice. Also, it is highly coincidental that the American Association of Pediatricians was holding a conference at the exact same time & place, giving Dr. Pan a ready made Que of supporters. This made it seem like these doctors flew in from across the state just to support this bill. Will AB2109 be yet another state mandated extortion bill, or will individual liberties guarenteed in the Constitution win out? -Why This Is Important- From Holly Kobolt Blumhardt, who created the petition -The CA State House: OPPOSE AB2109- (see link below) – AB2109 violates California parental rights to exercise a philosophical exemption given under California law. – This violates Californians constitutional rights because parents are being forced to get PERMISSION to opt out of a voluntary medical procedure. – This bill forces parents to utilize an allopathic model of healthcare for their child in cases that they may opt for a more natural approach, such as homeopathic
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