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Magsaysay laureate challenges Pinoys to bring healthcare rights violations to SC
The Supreme Court has issued landmark rulings protecting citizens' rights to vote and to enjoy a better environment. But in its entire 112-year history, it has yet to be confronted with a case concerning one of the ordinary Filipino's basic rights—the …
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The right's healthcare “revolution” is a scam
Reforms to defend the mentally ill and disabled, to protect the privacy of health information, to open free clinics for the poor, and to increase the use of “informed consent” prior to medical interventions were achieved, in part, in the name of …
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A Fascinating Case Over Who Has the Right Over The Remains of a Loved One
Because Collins had never become incapacitated before her death and because no physician had ever certified her as incapacitated, the health care agent never became Collins's attorney in fact under the DPOA, so Shoemaker never had the rights to the …
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Susan Davis: Health Insurance Exchange Will Bring Transparency

Louisiana small business owner Susan Davis of St. Francisville explains why she is looking forward to the creation of health insurance exchanges, which will provide small business owners like her a more transparent market place.
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On Monday November 23rd 2009, Rep. Peter Roskam appeared on Fox News “Your World with Cavuto” to discuss the Illinois Policy Institute’s study that projected 169000 lost jobs in Illinois over the next 10 years if the Pelosi healthcare bill is enacted.

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I live in Texas, and grew up here. In the 1990′s, there were a series of measures meant to limit medical malpractice awards, culminating in 2003 with something called Texas House Bill 4.

However, since the bill passed, healthcare costs have not gone down in Texas.

In fact, some parts of this state have some of the highest medical costs in the country (such as the Rio Grande Valley).

So when people say we need “malpractice reform” to solve the healthcare crisis, I always get a bit suspicious.

Why hasn’t malpractice reform here in Texas brought our healthcare costs way down?
Actually, the percentage of illegals is about the same in TX as it was in the 90′s. They are a constant.

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Huge medical congress will bring health care professionals together
Abu Dhabi The capital’s largest medical congress kicks off today, attracting over 200 international speakers while bringing together leading health care companies and representatives from some of the most renowned institutions in the world such as Johns Hopkins Medicine International and Cleveland Clinic.

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Health care reform to bring plain talk to county
HLM News Service–Between confusing medical terminology or unclear follow-up steps to take, do you ever feel like doctors speak a different language all together? Many people often report leaving the…

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Two large Minnesota funds spending to elect Democrats raised more than one of their chief rivals, as business contributions slowed dramatically after Target Corp. endured a national backlash over its donations.

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Cleaners bring special skills to Oklahoma crime scenes
It takes more than a mop or a bottle of bleach to clean up the gory remains of a homicide or suicide victim, said two professional crime scene cleaners from Oklahoma. They insist specialized training and equipment is needed to return such scenes to a livable state.

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( HipHop Republican Talk Show Series – Hosted by Shirley Husar: Today it is all about President Obama’s health care bill, as Shirley starts her “Kill The Bill” campaign. Shirley also continues her verbal attack on California gubernatorial candidate Steve Poizner and defends her hero Meg Whitman. (03-19-10) PART 1 – PARTIAL EPISODE

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Gordon: Bills will bring better care to Veterans
WASHINGTON— Last week, the U.S. House of Representatives ended a busy session with a vote to improve care for veterans, assist Vietnam veterans suffering from exposure to Agent Orange, and address the backlog of claims at the Veterans Administration.

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