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Denville, NJ (PRWEB) February 20, 2013

The management of healthcare can be a tedious task due to the various divisions involved. By using a physical therapy software or an EMR (electronic medical record), it can provide several benefits to any healthcare facility, especially with the different physical therapy centers all over the world.

Both large-scale and small-scale physical therapy centers will gain an advantage if a physical therapy EMR is utilized. It basically offers a number of features that can comply with the different aspects on physical therapy practice.

According to Chhoda, for proper physical therapy management, it is not considered complete without the reporting capabilities offered by a physical therapy EMR. As long as the reporting feature is utilized optimally, the average number of visits for each patient can be monitored easily. This figure can be linked with referral indicators. Any problems or inadequacies can be recognized in which patients are more likely to self-discharge. Previously, this kind of exhaustive reporting takes a lot of time to gather. With the help of the physical therapy software, needed reports are made in just a matter of minutes.

Chhoda said, “It is a known fact that medical billing can be a burden, together with insurance companies who pay approximately half on all the claims that were submitted. With the help of the EMR, it works by improving these submissions. Additionally, it helps eliminate errors, boost the efficiency of the overall process, as well as makes the identification process on claims a lot easier.” The software allows the medical billing staff access to all the required tools to track the insurance companies that deny or reject claims on a regular basis.

The scheduling process in any physical therapy practice is also where money is lost due to inefficiency. In case one of the patients might cancel without notice, the number of cancelled appointments to be rearranged, patients who do not show up, all will definitely incur losses. The software can provide the solutions needed to deal with problems when it comes to the scheduling.

With the benefits offered by an EMR, it will make any physical therapy center even more efficient in terms of providing services as well as with the management. Any physical therapy center that utilizes the software are considered more efficient, improved insurance claim acceptance rates and can deal with problems that might arise easily.

Chhodas office can be reached by phone at 201-535-4475. For more information, visit the website at


Nitin Chhoda PT, DPT is a licensed physical therapist, a certified strength and conditioning specialist and an entrepreneur. He is the author of “Physical Therapy Marketing For The New Economy” and Marketing for Physical Therapy Clinics and is a prolific speaker, writer and creator of products and systems to streamline medical billing and coding, electronic medical records, health care practice management and marketing to increase referrals. He has been featured in numerous industry magazines, major radio and broadcast media, and is the founder of Referral Ignition training systems and the annual Private Practice Summit. Chhoda speaks extensively throughout the U.S., Canada and Asia. He is also the creator of the Therapy Newsletter and Clinical Contact, both web-based services to help private practices improve communication with patients, delivery better quality of care and boost patient retention.

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Park City, Utah (PRWEB) February 27, 2013

Today, Zane Benefits, Inc. published new information on the medical insurance premium tax credit. Zane Benefits, which provides comprehensive and flexible alternatives to traditional employer sponsored health benefits, is the leader in defined contribution and health reimbursement arrangements.

According to Zane Benefits website, starting in 2014, individuals and families can take a new medical premium tax credit to help them afford health insurance coverage purchased through a state-based Health Insurance Marketplace. On May 18, 2012, the Treasury Department and the IRS issued final regulations which provide guidance for individuals who enroll in qualified health plans through Exchanges and claim the premium tax credit, and for Exchanges that make qualified health plans available to individuals and employers.

What are the eligibility requirements?

Household income must be between 100% and 400% of the federal poverty level (FPL).

Covered individuals must be enrolled in a qualified health plan through a Health Insurance Marketplace.

Covered individuals must be legally present in the United States and not incarcerated.

Covered individuals must not be eligible for other qualifying coverage, such as Medicare, Medicaid, or affordable employer-sponsored insurance.

How much is the tax credit?

According to Zane Benefits website, the credit amount is generally equal to the difference between the premium for the benchmark plan and the taxpayers expected contribution.

The expected contribution is a specified percentage of the taxpayers household income. The percentage increases as income increases, from 2% of income for families at 100% of the FPL to 9.5% of income for families at 400% of FPL. The benchmark plan is the second-lowest-cost plan that would cover the family at the silver level of coverage.

Are there any special rules?

According to Zane Benefits website, yes. The credit is advanceable (i.e. advance payments are made directly to the insurance company on the familys behalf). The advance payments are then reconciled against the amount of the familys actual premium tax credit, as calculated on the familys federal income tax return.

Click here to read full article.

About Zane Benefits

Zane Benefits was founded in 2006 to provide a revolutionized SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) administration platform (“ZaneHRA”) for Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs) and defined contribution health care. The flagship software provides a 100% paperless administration experience to employers and insurance professionals that want to offer better health benefits without a traditional group health insurance plan at lower costs. For more information about ZaneHRA, visit

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The biggest buzzword of this decade in the employee health benefits market is “Private Health Insurance Exchange.” Numerous entities ranging from start-ups to new divisions of leading insurance companies have been created to offer new Private Health Exchanges. So, what is a private health insurance exchange? Webster defines an exchange as a place where things or services are exchanged, such as a store or shop specializing in merchandise usually of a particular type. Employers and health insurance brokers should attend this webinar to learn what a private health exchange really is: a store or shop specializing in health insurance merchandise. During this 60 minute webinar, you will learn: What a private health exchange really is The difference between a public and private health exchange What insurance options are available in private health exchanges How insurers and brokers can offer private health insurance exchanges The role private health exchanges will play in 2013, 2014 and beyond
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(PRWEB) August 27, 2012

Zane Benefits, the leader in comprehensive defined contribution health benefits for business, today published information regarding HRA claim documentation. The Zane Benefits Claims Department addressed a frequently asked question regarding what documentation is required to submit HRA claims.

To maintain compliance, an HRA plan must adhere to the IRS rules for valid documentation. This guide outlines the HRA claim documentation that a compliant HRA Claims Processing Department requires for approval. To receive tax-free reimbursement from an HRA, the IRS requires an HRA participant to submit documentation showing the following specific items:

(1) Provider Name

(2) Date of Service

(3) Recipient of Service

(4) Services Provided (CPT Codes, description of the service performed)

(5) Amount Paid

For specific information about each of these requirements, view the full article: HRA Claim Documentation Requirements

Items to remember about HRA Documentation:

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(PRWEB) August 29, 2012

Zane Benefits, the leader in modern, flexible and comprehensive alternatives to traditional employer-sponsored health benefits, today announced its new YouTube Channel.

Over the years, Zane Benefits has published hundreds of informational videos and webinars, which businesses, insurance agents, CPAs and other small business professionals use as a reference for providing modern employer health benefits.

Subscribe to the channel at

Some of the most-watched videos in the channel include:

The History & Future of Small Business Health Insurance
Introduction to ZaneHRA
Profit from the Power of Defined Contribution Healthcare
Paul Zane Pilzer on Defined Contribution Health Plans

There are dozens of videos available currently, and new content is being added weekly. The information on the YouTube Channel is free, is subject to the Zane Benefits disclaimer, and is not to be taken as legal or tax advice. To suggest video content to Zane Benefits, contact the media team.

– -
About Zane Benefits, Inc.

Zane Benefits, Inc, a software company, helps insurance brokers, accountants, and employers take advantage of new defined contribution health benefits and private exchanges via its proprietary SaaS online health benefits software. Zane Benefits does not sell insurance. Using Zanes platform, insurance professionals and accountants offer their clients a defined contribution plan with multiple individual health insurance options via a private health exchange of their choice.

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(PRWEB) August 17, 2012

Zane Benefits, which provides businesses with flexible and comprehensive alternatives to employer-based health benefits, today announced a free webinar titled “Understanding Private Heath Exchanges”.

Numerous entities ranging from start-ups to new divisions of leading insurance companies have been created to offer new Private Health Exchanges. The term “private health insurance exchange” has become one of the biggest health related buzzwords of this decade.

So, what is a private health insurance exchange? Webster defines an exchange as a place where things or services are exchanged, such as a store or shop specializing in merchandise usually of a particular type.

Employers and health insurance brokers should attend this webinar to learn what a private health exchange really is: a store or shop specializing in health insurance merchandise.

During this 60 minute webinar, attendees will learn:

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Dallas, TX (PRWEB) August 14, 2012

Benefit Brainstorm, a company specializing in low-cost concierge health benefits for corporations, announces the launch of freshbenies to revolutionize health benefits for American families. Did you know health insurance costs are skyrocketing, leaving gaps like never beforeand, theres no end in sight for American families? Of course you did!

Reid Rasmussen, ex-Canadian, health insurance industry veteran and reform expert has this to say: In the last 3 years, Americans haven’t seen a pay raise, yet their healthcare costs are up about 30% with huge increases in out-of-pocket expenses. Add to that, 32 million uninsured Americans will clog doctor offices as health reform comes into full swing. So, we’re paying more, yet having a tougher time getting care – and navigating “the system” won’t get any easier! Most Americans don’t even know there are innovative solutions out there. Weve been serving the corporate customer with these solutions for years and saw the need to help busy families, too.

Heidi Rasmussen, 27-year retail and consumer marketing veteran said Women are master consumers in all other areas of life except health insurance even though they make 80% of the benefits buying decisions. They also deal with the fallout of healthcare issues staying home from work to take a sick kid to the doctor, shuttling to dentist and optometrist visits, dealing with their insurance plan, medical bills, etc. Why arent women better health insurance consumers? Because the industry is so complex and hasnt provided the necessary tools to help the actual end consumer. We started freshbenies to do just that.

So, how does freshbenies fill the gaps and help with skyrocketing healthcare and insurance costs?

freshbenies bundles non-insurance benefits together into one simple card by leveraging the volume of big corporations. Thats why its low-cost!

According to the American Medical Association, about 70% of all doctors visits result in information or a consultation that could have easily been handled via phone or internet. Use the 24/7/365 Call a Doctor service AND get a prescription, if needed. Its a fact – kids get sick on Friday at 4pm now, busy women can just call their 24/7/365 Dr. BFF to get needed advice (maybe even a prescription) and have their kids feeling better fast without that wasted time in the waiting room!

freshbenies provides a Personal Advisor to help members navigate medical care, paperwork, insurancethe system. They can help find a specialist, the best hospital for a procedure, answer questions about an insurance issue, etc. They also review, summarize and even work to negotiate discounts on medical bills.

The National Association of Dental Plans estimates about 47% of Americans dont have dental insurance, and the Vision Council estimates that 83% of employers dont provide vision benefits. Because of this, freshbenies gives busy women dental discounts and vision discounts on everything from brand-name eyewear, LASIK, and contacts to braces, cleanings, whitening and dental/vision exams all at substantially discounted rates.

These days, many families have a prescription drug thats expensive or not covered by insurance. freshbenies members save an average of 38% simply by flashing their freshbenies card at over 60,000 participating locations.

Go to to learn more and call us anytime to chat!

ABOUT freshbenies:

At freshbenies, we believe that busy women should have equal access to trustworthy, real-life health solutions that save her time, $ and frustration. AND, we make it easy to afford and simple for her to understand, use and enjoy! Want to hear more? YAY! Here you go

More about freshbenies, the product

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