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The Obama administration cleared up some confusion on Wednesday about rules governing just which health services insurance companies have to pay for.

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The Obama administration cleared up some confusion on Wednesday about rules governing just which health services insurance companies have to pay for.

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Mingle Media TV and Red Carpet Report host, Samantha Johnson, were invited to come out and cover the Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine Launch of their Fall 2012 Issue benefiting Cancer Schmancer at KYLE by Alene Too in Beverly Hills. Cancer Schmancer Foundation educates women on the risk factors, early warning signs, and tests that are available for early detection of women’s cancers. The Cancer Schmancer Movement advocates for improved women’s cancer healthcare legislation. For more information, visit Beverly Hills Lifestyle magazine is the premier luxury magazine on the market. Both the printed version of BHL and the website ( introduce the reader to all that is luxurious, opulent, and chic — the finest things in life. Visit http For more of Mingle Media TV’s Red Carpet Report coverage – please visit our website and follow us on Twitter and Facebook here: http Follow Gabe Lenners on Twitter at by
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Schaumburg, IL (PRWEB) August 30, 2012

Benefit Express Services, LLC, a leader in providing benefits administration for large, medium, and small organizations, announced today their continued success providing benefit solutions to public and private health insurance exchanges. In January of 2011, Benefit Express was selected to electronically administer benefits for PERMAs Health Joint Insurance Fund business. Since implementation, Benefit Express has been providing benefits administration services to over 150 New Jersey public entities and 18,000 members. The Health Joint Insurance Fund brings together a number of local governments to create the headcount needed to ensure self-insurance, jointly purchase insurance needed to cover large claims, and create the administration needed to manage the program.

Beginning in 2014, federally required exchanges will be offered to individuals buying insurance on their own as well as small businesses with up to 100 employees. Benefit Express is fully prepared for the federal requirement, stated Maria Bradley, Benefit Express President and Founder. I believe that our experience with New Jerseys Health Joint Insurance Fund business has geared us to provide the best service and technology for government benefit programs.

Our innovative system and commitment to service make us the perfect choice for the Health Insurance Exchange. We offer solutions that will make a huge impact in terms of efficient benefit enrollment and administration, said Doug Hammond, Vice President of Sales and Business Development. This truly is a win-win situation for all involved.

About Benefit Express

At Benefit Express, the focus is on flexible administration solutions. Their self-service platform – My Benefit Express – delivers tools which help clients efficiently manage HR & Benefits Administration. With My Benefit Express clients have direct access to: customized content delivery, enrollment assistance, employee benefit education tools, transactional administrative processing/tracking, carrier billing reconciliation, vendor data-links and detailed HR reporting. Benefit Express solutions provide the flexibility for clients to choose how, where and by whom work gets done. For more information, visit

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Nashville, TN (PRWEB) August 20, 2012

As healthcare reform continues to be debated in the national legislature, insurance brokers will require access to in-depth information on additional low-cost insurance alternatives they can offer to businesses. For this reason Connection Benefit Group has launched a newly redesigned website, highlighting their products and dedication to being a valued partner for insurance brokers. Joining with Nashville web development and design company, Horton Group, Connection Benefit has made available an additional online resource for brokers who are seeking to give more companies access to an affordable alternative or complement to current insurance coverage.

We needed a website that expressly illustrated our ability to serve the broker community, their clients, and their clients employees, stated Connection Benefit Group CFO John Markham. We are very happy with our new site and believe it creates a more focused understanding of exactly what our capabilities are.

The navigation on the new website is open and simple, containing only a few basic menus. Each section of the website has been designed to guide visitors from one page to another effortlessly. A majority of the site is dedicated to explaining how insurance brokers can build on their success by partnering with Connection Benefit Group. Under a section of the website labeled Join Our Team brokers can find additional information on how Connection Benefit Group will give them the opportunity to do more for business owners by providing employees with an affordable insurance alternative. Also from the main menu, visitors can click on the Our Services, section to learn how Connection Benefit Group supports its partners. Support services include a review of current benefits packages, finding the best solution to match a companys needs, and making professional recommendations on available products.

We want this website to be a useful resource for our broker partners, stated Markham. Our hope is that it will act as a tool for brokers and business owners looking for more health and lifestyle coverage options they can offer employees.

In addition to details over Connection Benefit Groups catalog of services, they have also provided a breakdown of each product they offer along with downloadable descriptions of the products. Everything a prospective broker or employer would need to better understand the products and options offered by Connection Benefit Group can now be found on the website.

About Connection Benefit Group

Connection Benefit Groups core mission is to provide its members with affordable access to high-quality, health care and lifestyle benefits. Their discount medical and lifestyle plans are not insurance plans. They are a low-cost alternative or complement to insurance. For a low monthly fee, members receive access to participating providers who have agreed to provide health care and lifestyle products and services at discounted rates. Connection Benefit Group offers a high level of customer service and works members through every step of the process from consultation and enrollment to billing and administration.

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Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) August 22, 2012

The L.A. Mid-City Integrated Care Collaborative, a partnership led by Jewish Family Service of Los Angeles (JFS) to provide coordinated community-based services that will reduce avoidable hospital readmissions for Medicare patients, was selected on Friday, August 17 by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) as one of 17 additional sites across the nation to participate in the Community-based Care Transitions Program (CCTP).

CCTP reflects a new, innovative approach to health care delivery. The program identifies community-based organizations such as JFS that can provide care transitions services across the continuum of care and partner with one or more acute care hospitals and other community providers. The L.A. Mid-City Integrated Care Collaborative includes hospitals, medical personnel, social workers, mental health professionals, and senior care specialists that will be able to provide better, more sustainable health care services all at a lower cost to the health care system.

Recent reports show that $ 12 billion is being spent annually on hospital readmissions for Medicare patients that might be preventable, said Paul S. Castro, CEO of Jewish Family Service of Los Angeles. By bringing together providers from across the care spectrum, older adults with complex medical and social service needs will receive the follow-up care and resources they need and will spend less time hospitalized unnecessarily.

Congressman Henry Waxman stated: I am delighted that the Los Angeles Mid-City Integrated Care Collaborative has been selected as a Community-based Care Transitions Program (CCTP) by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). This partnership, led by Jewish Family Service of Los Angeles, will take a new approach to reducing hospital readmissions, improving care and reducing costs. The partnership is the only collaborative selected in Los Angeles County and is among just a handful of collaboratives selected nationwide. I am particularly proud of this remarkable grouping of partners for the highly innovative and effective services they provide the residents of LA County.

With new tools provided by the Affordable Care Act, we can aggressively implement programs that will help hospitals reduce preventable errors, said Herb K. Schultz, Regional Director for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The L.A. Mid-City Integrated Care Collaborative, through this initiative, will improve the quality of health care, and provide real assistance to medical professionals and hospitals to support their efforts to reduce harm.

We know that providing medical care for our patients does not end at our front door, said Andrew B. Leeka, president and CEO of Good Samaritan Hospital. The L.A. Mid-City Collaborative will bring additional resources to Medicare patients with chronic conditions, to help them receive the care they need.

Cathy Fickes, CEO of St Vincent Medical Center, said SVMC is delighted to be part of the Collaborative. The program will help reduce readmissions rates and provide continuity of care for our patients into their homes.

The L.A. Mid-City Integrated Care Collaborative was formed by Jewish Family Service of Los Angeles in partnership with Good Samaritan Hospital, St. Vincent Medical Center and Olympia Medical Center. In addition, the L.A. Mid-City Integrated Care Collaborative includes 14 skilled nursing facilities and rehabilitation centers affiliated with Skilled Healthcare LLC and Country Villa Health Services, along with community-based organizations serving older adults in the Mid-City area (the Alzheimers Association, Hollywood Senior Multipurpose Center, St. Barnabas Senior Services, the KHEIR Center, and St. Vincent Meals on Wheels) and the Los Angeles City Department of Aging, and the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health. The organizations chosen for the L.A. Mid-City Integrated Care Collaborative have a long history of providing a continuum of home, community and institutional based care to older adults in Los Angeles in a contiguous section of the diverse metropolitan area.

The L.A. Mid-City Integrated Care Collaborative will begin providing transition services in Fall 2012, serving Medicare beneficiaries living in the Mid-City area of Los Angeles, stretching from downtown west to the 405 Freeway and from Hollywood south to the 10 Freeway. Geographically spanning the most dynamic, multicultural and densely-populated districts of Los Angeles, services will be provided in English, Spanish, Russian, Korean, and Farsi in a community that struggles with issues of poverty, immigrant integration and high hospital readmission rates.

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Dallas, TX (PRWEB) August 14, 2012

Benefit Brainstorm, a company specializing in low-cost concierge health benefits for corporations, announces the launch of freshbenies to revolutionize health benefits for American families. Did you know health insurance costs are skyrocketing, leaving gaps like never beforeand, theres no end in sight for American families? Of course you did!

Reid Rasmussen, ex-Canadian, health insurance industry veteran and reform expert has this to say: In the last 3 years, Americans haven’t seen a pay raise, yet their healthcare costs are up about 30% with huge increases in out-of-pocket expenses. Add to that, 32 million uninsured Americans will clog doctor offices as health reform comes into full swing. So, we’re paying more, yet having a tougher time getting care – and navigating “the system” won’t get any easier! Most Americans don’t even know there are innovative solutions out there. Weve been serving the corporate customer with these solutions for years and saw the need to help busy families, too.

Heidi Rasmussen, 27-year retail and consumer marketing veteran said Women are master consumers in all other areas of life except health insurance even though they make 80% of the benefits buying decisions. They also deal with the fallout of healthcare issues staying home from work to take a sick kid to the doctor, shuttling to dentist and optometrist visits, dealing with their insurance plan, medical bills, etc. Why arent women better health insurance consumers? Because the industry is so complex and hasnt provided the necessary tools to help the actual end consumer. We started freshbenies to do just that.

So, how does freshbenies fill the gaps and help with skyrocketing healthcare and insurance costs?

freshbenies bundles non-insurance benefits together into one simple card by leveraging the volume of big corporations. Thats why its low-cost!

According to the American Medical Association, about 70% of all doctors visits result in information or a consultation that could have easily been handled via phone or internet. Use the 24/7/365 Call a Doctor service AND get a prescription, if needed. Its a fact – kids get sick on Friday at 4pm now, busy women can just call their 24/7/365 Dr. BFF to get needed advice (maybe even a prescription) and have their kids feeling better fast without that wasted time in the waiting room!

freshbenies provides a Personal Advisor to help members navigate medical care, paperwork, insurancethe system. They can help find a specialist, the best hospital for a procedure, answer questions about an insurance issue, etc. They also review, summarize and even work to negotiate discounts on medical bills.

The National Association of Dental Plans estimates about 47% of Americans dont have dental insurance, and the Vision Council estimates that 83% of employers dont provide vision benefits. Because of this, freshbenies gives busy women dental discounts and vision discounts on everything from brand-name eyewear, LASIK, and contacts to braces, cleanings, whitening and dental/vision exams all at substantially discounted rates.

These days, many families have a prescription drug thats expensive or not covered by insurance. freshbenies members save an average of 38% simply by flashing their freshbenies card at over 60,000 participating locations.

Go to to learn more and call us anytime to chat!

ABOUT freshbenies:

At freshbenies, we believe that busy women should have equal access to trustworthy, real-life health solutions that save her time, $ and frustration. AND, we make it easy to afford and simple for her to understand, use and enjoy! Want to hear more? YAY! Here you go

More about freshbenies, the product

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Washington, DC (PRWEB) July 23, 2012

Atlantic Information Services, Inc., publisher of Health Plan Week and AIS’s Health Reform Week, is pleased to announce its July 31 webinar, 2013 Plan Design: What Benefit-Design Changes Will Health Plans and Employers Make? See webinar details at

Large employers and health insurers are now modifying existing health insurance offerings and designing new ones in time for this falls open enrollment. While increased cost sharing will remain a popular option for many, some employers are aggressively adopting new strategies, including defined contribution, accountable care and next-generation wellness programs. They also are looking ahead to 2014 and eyeing possible benefit-design changes to comply with reform law mandates. A wide range of interesting new plan designs are under development.

During the webinar, Alexander “Sander” Domaszewicz from Mercer Health & Benefits Services, Erich Blumberg from Lockton Dunning Benefits Co. and Todd Van Tol from Oliver Wyman will discuss which new designs will be rolled out in the fall. During a lively 60-minute roundtable discussion, followed by 30 minutes devoted to individual questions, participants will get inside information on these and other key questions:

Defined contribution: How can employers and insurers avoid pitfalls in adopting defined-contribution platforms, particularly as they bring in retiree populations?
Accountable care: How are products being integrated into alternative networks and provider-partnership models?
Pay or play: How will employers respond to the million dollar question of whether to provide benefits covering at least 60% of medical costs or pay a penalty?
Private exchanges: What lessons can be learnd from the pioneers that have begun offering benefits through private exchanges?
Next-generation wellness strategies: How are employers and insurers rolling out mobile apps, prevention-focused games, social-media communities and other strategies?
Cost sharing: What yardsticks will employers use to determine when additional increases in deductibles and copayments will alienate their work forces?
Ancillary benefits: As core health insurance products are more highly regulated, health insurers and brokers are investing in other benefits such as dental and vision. With such products contributing more to the bottom lines of insurers and brokers, what does it mean for employers?
Account-based health plans: More than half of employers now offer an account-based option, but how effective are they in reducing coverage costs?

Visit for more details and registration information.

About AIS

AIS develops highly targeted news, data and strategies for managers in hospitals, health plans, medical group practices, pharmaceutical companies and other health care organizations. Learn more at

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Question by : Why cant democrats distinguish between a massive health care law and an employee benefit?
The act of becoming a Senator or Representative is an occupation

We have had health care based on employment for decades

Why do democrats keep yelling about the health care of senators and the vote to repeal health care. So what if a republican takes their BENEFIT from their job and still want to kill a badly passed, badly written, hack piece of legislation?

One is how we have always have done things, and the health care law is a massive government expansion into our lives

They are totally separate, i guess they think it sounds good?

Best answer:

Answer by scott b
The way we “always have done things” doesn’t WORK. That’s the whole point.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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CHICAGO (Reuters) – Colorectal cancer patients treated with a follow-up round of Avastin fare better than those given chemotherapy alone after their disease has worsened, according to results of a large clinical trial.

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