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New government data released today demonstrate the continued, urgent need for more Americans to have access to drug and alcohol addiction treatment, according to an analysis by the Closing the Addiction Treatment Gap (CATG) initiative. If implemented properly, federal health care reform legislation could help remove financial barriers to treatment for millions of Americans.

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Federal health care reform legislation can help removing financial barriers to treat Americans

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Every year millions of the world’s poorest people die from curable or preventable infectious diseases or suffer unnecessary ill health because they do not have access to basic health care services, including essential medicines and vaccines. The reasons for this are complex and plentiful….but these problems cannot be an excuse for inaction, writes Andrew Witty, CEO of GlaxoSmithKline.

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Healthcare reform has finally made its way through the U.S. political machinery, emerging with a $1 trillion reform plan extending health insurance to 32 million additional Americans and eliminating other barriers to healthcare

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The Health Care Blog: National Healthcare Insurance Isn't Enough …

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