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Indianapolis, IN (PRWEB) July 11, 2014

Diagnotes Inc. and Advanced Healthcare Associates (AHA) today announced an agreement that will place the Diagnotes mobile and web-based clinical communication system in the hands of AHAs medical directors, physicians and nurse practitioners at more than 100 nursing homes in Central Indiana and Kentucky.

Our highly skilled clinicians have been providing leading-edge geriatric care for nursing home patients since 1988, said Bryon Miller, JD, GNP of AHA. The Diagnotes technology makes us one of the first post acute care practices in the nation to incorporate truly secure, mobile communication throughout our organization from our 24-hour nurse triage call center to our medical directors, rounding clinicians and billing staff.

The two companies initiated a pilot program in April 2014, initially integrating the Diagnotes system into the triage call center where more than 20 trained nurses take calls around-the-clock from AHA-staffed nursing homes reporting patient information and requesting clinician consultation and orders.

The Diagnotes secure text messaging and secure voicemail technologies allow triage nurses to communicate vital information to the clinician, and to verify that it has been received, explained Dave Wortman, Diagnotes chairman and CEO. Because professional staff scheduling is incorporated, the triage center is able to quickly identify and contact the on-call physician or nurse practitioner.

The mobile and web-based platform is designed for a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environment, in which all users are able to use the smartphone, tablet, or laptop of their choice at any location. Diagnotes pushes critical information current medications, histories, allergies, etc. from the patients medical record to the clinician. Those facts, along with the triage information from the call center, efficiently provide what the practitioner needs to make a timely treatment decision.

The closed-loop system also allows the clinician to communicate follow-up and transition information to other team members, and to document the encounter, choosing from provided codes and descriptions to securely send details to the billing office. AHA, in the early stages of implementation, is already seeing decreased response times and increased revenue capture.

All evidence suggests that the Diagnotes communication system will allow us to improve the quality of care we deliver, with greater efficiency and effectiveness, said Meredith Hole, practice administrator. We couldnt be more pleased that we chose to partner with Diagnotes in this endeavor.

Wortman echoed the comments of Miller and Hole. We have an aging population, and the practice of geriatric medicine is bound to grow in nursing homes, smart medical homes, and congregate living, he said. AHA is clearly planning for the future by keeping its operations and staff on the cutting-edge of medical care for our seniors. Were proud to be their choice for enhanced mobile communication.

About Diagnotes

Diagnotes is a mobile and web-based software system that gives medical groups the tools to improve physician communication with their patients, care teams and office staff. Diagnotes accurately routes phone calls and text messages using its built-in provider directory and call schedules, automatically delivers key patient data from patient medical records and supports immediate, hassle-free documentation of every encounter. Diagnotes Inc. is using its process improvement and mobile technology expertise to improve productivity, increase profitability and enhance both physician and patient satisfaction for its clients. For more information about Diagnotes, visit

About AHA

Advanced Healthcare Associates is a successful and thriving practice of physicians and nurse practitioners who exclusively focus their services across the Post Acute Care continuum. The company has been specializing in geriatric care of nursing home patients since 1988, and is affiliated with most payors and health systems. For more information, visit or contact Tom Haithcoat at tom.haithcoat(at)advancedhealthcareassociates(dot)com.

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Los Angeles, CA, (PRWEB) April 12, 2012

The San Diego Black Health Associates (SDBHA) has just confirmed its partnership for the upcoming Black Barbershop Health Outreach Program taking place across the state of California on Saturday, May 12th, 2012.

From 11AM-4PM, volunteers will mobilize in San Diego cities along with metro cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco to facilitate screenings in over 75 black-owned barbershops. The program anticipates screening approximately 1,500 African American men for diabetes and high blood pressure during the multi-city event. Participants will also receive healthy lifestyle education and medical resources for local clinics and physicians.

San Diego Black Health Associates are working with the Black Barber Shop effort based in Los Angeles to ensure that African American men to act in their own best health interests. We want consumers to know that chronic health conditions like diabetes and obesity are preventable. We are thoroughly convinced that by making a few changes to our diet and exercising regularly, we can live longer, function in a pain free environment and be the model for our children that they need says Paul Simms, SDBHA President.

Founded by the Diabetic Amputation Prevention Foundation (DAP) in 2007, the tour has visited over 750 barbershops in 50 cities and 13 states and will continue its mission to screen 500,000 African American men by the end of 2014. This unique and innovative grassroots program works strategically with black-owned barbershops, because it represents such a cultural institution of familiarity and trust among African American malesmaking it the most effective avenue to disseminate health education information.

“The need to address health care disparities in African American men is paramount in light of the fact that they have the lowest life expectancy of any group in the U.S.,” says Dr. Bill J. Releford, D.P.M., founder of the DAP Foundation. “For decades, the black barbershop has served as a centralized gathering place where African American men feel comfortable discussing the most important issues that impact their lives: politics, social trends, family and finances. Now, we are introducing an important discussion of health and the critical need for health awareness.”

Compared to the general public, it is African American males who have a higher risk of diabetes and other cardiovascular conditions, such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol. The American Diabetes Association estimates that 3.7 million (14.7 percent) African Americans ages 20 years or older have diabetes, while statistics show that forty percent (40 percent) of African American men die prematurely from cardiovascular disease as compared to twenty-one percent (21 percent) of white men.

Dr. Bill Releford organized the initiative to empower African American men to better understand cardiovascular diseases. As he travels across the country to spread awareness, he welcomes corporations, small businesses and county facilities to get involved in the mission. To learn more about The Black Barbershop Health Outreach Program log-on to and please remember to support this statewide effort on May 12th.

About San Diego Black Health Associates

Over a 20-year period, SDBHA has operated specific programs aimed at improving the health status of black people and other people of color. In addition, SDBHA is a resource for healthcare professionals, organizations and laypersons. Through the use of dedicated volunteer members, SDBHA has developed strong working relationships with a variety of community agencies and organizations, including the African American church. Through these collaborations, we have been successful in maximizing the impact of our community health promotion activities. Visit them online at

About Dr. Bill Releford

As Founder of the Black Barbershop Health Outreach Program and the Diabetic Foot Institute, Dr. Bill Releford is a visionary and industry pioneer. He began his private practice in 1990 and has dedicated his lifes work exclusively to the reduction of diabetes-related amputations in high-risk populations. Dr. Releford and his efforts have recently been highlighted in the Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, Newsweek Magazine, THE VIEW, THE DOCTORS, NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams as well as the TODAY SHOW and more. Additionally, Dr. Releford’s innovative community organizing strategies culminated into an invitation from President Obama to attend the White House Super Bowl Party in 2011. To learn more about Dr. Relford and his work visit

About the Diabetic Amputation Prevention Foundation (DAP)

The DAP Foundation’s African American Men’s Outreach Program seeks to partner with community groups and organizations to reduce the incidence of health conditions that adversely affect African American males by utilizing education, prevention and early detection through screening activities. DAP’s efforts have already been successfully duplicated in other metropolitan areas, such as Oakland, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Atlanta and Baltimore. For more information on participating or sponsorship opportunities, please visit

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Rochester, New York (PRWEB) April 23, 2012

Rochester Software Associates (RSA), provider of production print workflow software solutions for in-plants and corporate print centers, today released WebCRD Dynamics Desktop, a cost effective composition and variable data publishing (VDP) option that provides everything in-plants need for common single file, VDP applications at a low entry-level price. WebCRD Dynamics Desktop adds to RSAs multiple VDP offerings as a module of its award-winning WebCRD web-to-print solution developed specifically for corporate in-plants.

WebCRD Dynamics Desktop utilizes variable data templates created with FusionPro

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Houston, TX (PRWEB) March 05, 2012

Smith & Associates, the industry leader in global electronics distribution, today announced the appointment of Leslie McIntyre to the role of Vice President of Human Resources. Leslie will be responsible for leading Smiths Human Resources department and expanding its global programs and employee resources.

Leslie is a new addition to Smiths global team. She began her career as a generalist in Human Resources and then specialized in developing talent acquisition functions within large corporate environments. Leslie went on to expand her skills in human resources management and brings with her many years of experience at such firms as Memorial Hermann Healthcare System and Bank of America.

A certified Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), Leslie is also a member of SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) and has spent time living in Asia and London, gaining valuable experience that will help her in managing the Human Resources of a company with Smiths international reach. She is currently pursuing her Masters of HR from the University of London.

During her career, Leslie has developed programs for enriching and supporting employees in a variety of company environments, said Matt Hartzell, Smiths Chief Operating Officer. Under Leslies leadership, Smith will increase its strategic focus on strengthening training and development. With a concentration on attracting, engaging, and retaining talent, Leslie will work to leverage her multinational corporate experience and translate it into the solutions that work for Smith.

I am looking forward to the opportunities this position presents developing a stronger global HR infrastructure that supports Smiths business priorities, and providing programs that support our most valuable asset, employees, Leslie said.

About Smith & Associates

Founded in Houston in 1984, Smith & Associates is a leader in the independent distribution of semiconductors and electronic components to electronics and high-tech manufacturers. Smith offers shortage sourcing for commodity and obsolete parts, innovative purchasing and inventory management solutions, redistribution of excess inventory, and component stocking for warranty and repair programs.

A privately held company, Smith & Associates employs more than 350 people worldwide, with annual revenue in excess of US$ 500 million. Smith’s regional hubs in Houston, Hong Kong and Amsterdam are ISO certified and IDEA compliant. In addition, sales and purchasing offices are located in Silicon Valley, Barcelona, Guadalajara, New York, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Seoul, Singapore, Taipei, and Denver. For more information or to reach a Smith representative 24 hours a day, please call: 1.800.HOUSTON or +1 713.430.3000.


For more information, contact:

Mark Bollinger

Smith & Associates

V.P. of Marketing

+1 713.430.3000

Email: mbollinger(at)nfsmith(dot)com

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Kalispell , MT (PRWEB) December 05, 2011

Due to recent changes, State law* allows direct access to physical therapy in Montana; yet many residents are unaware they have the right to seek treatment without a physicians prescription or referral. Blaine Stimac, owner and CEO of Professional Therapy Associates, maintains that Montanas direct access laws offer many benefits to patients, including freedom of choice, lower healthcare costs and the ability to begin physical therapy treatment sooner.

Its important for patients to understand that they have the right to choose where to go for treatment, especially if they suspect their condition can best be treated with physical therapy, said Stimac. Many people put off seeking the care they need because they assume they have to set aside time and money for multiple office visits. Or it may take a while to get an appointment with their physician, so theyll wait and see if the pain goes away on its own. The problem is that delaying treatment can make underlying problems worse. Theres no reason for anyone to take that risk when physical therapy treatment is readily available through Montanas direct access laws.

By scheduling an evaluation directly with a physical therapist, patients can avoid making a separate appointment with their physician for the sole purpose of requesting a referral. This not only saves them time, but also the cost of an additional co-pay or office visit, remarked Stimac. In addition, it enables patients to start treatment sooner which can prevent days or weeks of unnecessary suffering. Whether theyre dealing with back pain, repetitive strain, stiff joints or other musculoskeletal problems, they key to relief is to get a treatment plan underway as quickly as possible.

Stimacs assertions are supported by a recent study published in Health Services Research. The research team found that patients who scheduled outpatient care directly with a physical therapist averaged fewer healthcare visits and lower overall costs than those who were referred by a physician. The studys findings are good news for patients in direct-access states like Montana.

To help Montanans determine if their condition can be treated by physical therapy, Professional Therapy Associates is offering free consultations at its four clinics throughout the Flathead Valley. Prospective new patients can request a free health screening with one of the practices highly trained physical therapists, who will assess the individuals symptoms and complaints, and evaluate movements and body mechanics. The therapist may demonstrate a few simple stretches or exercises that can help alleviate pain or stiffness, and will schedule a full evaluation for those who could benefit from physical therapy treatment. In cases where medical attention may be required, the therapist will refer the individual to a physician or specialist who can perform further tests or X-rays.

Our free physical therapy consultations offer a no-risk way for local residents to determine if physical therapy is right for them there is no co-pay, and they dont have to go through insurance, noted Stimac. For those who opt to pursue treatment, well develop a customized treatment plan that is both effective and affordable. We accept most forms of insurance, and we also offer payment plans.

Stimac takes pride in the fact that Professional Therapy Associates physical therapists and staff are like a family. He elaborated by explaining, We all work together to ensure our patients receive the highest quality care, and well make certain they see a therapist who has experience and success in treating their particular condition. In addition to top-notch therapists, we have state-of-the-art facilities with the latest equipment, and we even have a pool for aquatic therapy. Most importantly, we have a track record of proven results we help our clients achieve freedom from pain and regain full mobility. Thats why Id encourage anyone suffering from aches, pain or stiffness to take advantage of our free consultation and Montanas direct access to physical therapy services.

Individuals who wish to schedule a free consultation may call any of Professional Therapy Associates four centers in the Flathead Valley region, including Downtown Kalispell 406-257-5610, Kalispell North 406-756-7878, Whitefish 406-862-5033 and Columbia Falls 406-892-7999. For further information on Professional Therapy Associates including physical therapy treatments, staff and locations please visit

About Professional Therapy Associates and Blaine Stimac

Professional Therapy Associates (PTA) is an established provider of physical therapy in Montana. Founded in Kalispell in 1988, the practice has expanded to include four convenient locations throughout Flathead Valley. In addition to its flagship Kalispell North facility, PTA also has clinics in Downtown Kalispell (Flathead Health and Fitness), Whitefish (The Wave) and Columbia Falls (Columbia Falls Clinic). Owner and CEO Blaine Stimac is a licensed Physical Therapist in Montana, and holds a Master of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of Montana. He and his team offer a full range of services, including manual physical therapy, sports medicine, therapeutic exercise and biofeedback, as well as treatment for back and neck injuries, motor vehicle injuries and work-related injuries. For more information, visit

Montana Code Annotated 2011. 37-11-104. Physical therapy evaluation and treatment.

** Pendergast, Jane, et al. A Comparison of Health Care Use for Physician-Referred and Self-Referred Episodes of Outpatient Physical Therapy. Health Services Research; published online September 23, 2011.

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LINCOLNSHIRE, Ill.—-Hewitt Associates, Inc. , a global human resources consulting and outsourcing services company, today announced that it has established a record date and a meeting date for a special meeting of its stockholders to consider and vote upon a proposal to adopt the previously announced Agreement and Plan of Merger, dated as of July 11, 2010, among Hewitt, Aon Corporation, a …

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