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St. Louis, Mo. (PRWEB) July 23, 2012

Amerinet Inc., a leading national healthcare solutions organization, helped members of its Keystone Alliance save more than $ 250,000 on testing services, while also assisting them to enhance operational efficiency in other areas.

The Amerinet Keystone Alliance saved more than a quarter million dollars last year on reference lab fees for esoteric testing alone but membership is about so much more than great prices. Networking and regular meetings are an ongoing and invaluable resource that has enhanced operational excellence and quality-of-care across the region, said John Romano, manager, laboratory services at Wayne Memorial Hospital in Honesdale, Pa., and board chairman, Amerinet Keystone Alliance.

The Amerinet Keystone Alliance is a group of 11 healthcare systems comprised of 88 locations throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland that function as a virtual Integrated Delivery Network (IDN) to improve supply costs through aggregation. Amerinet fosters regional alliances such as Keystone in order to enhance and maximize the purchasing power of individual contract portfolios via consolidation, but also, to help develop a culture of healthcare excellence by providing opportunities for unprecedented professional peer-collaboration, networking, education and best practice development.

Based on the fact that most of the laboratories in the alliance were using the same national reference lab and receiving the minimum contract discount through their individual organizations, the Amerinet Keystone Alliance laboratory workgroup approached the national lab to determine if there was additional standardization in pricing or services that could be offered for laboratory members of the Keystone Alliance on the most common esoteric tests.

Through the testing laboratorys comprehensive analysis and subsequent negotiations with the Amerinet Alliance team, nine of the eleven organizations received an additional average savings of 10 percent a conglomerate amount of more than $ 250,000 for members. Also, as new members are added to the alliance and volume increases, additional incentives and savings will accumulate.

Beyond the savings benefits, the Keystone Alliance meetings also led to the discovery of additional non-laboratory supply and service solutions. Through regular Alliance meetings attended by leaders and administrators from throughout the region, we have also been able to leverage our professional relationships with other member facilities to help negotiate improved service and exact positive results in non-laboratory areas such as billing, Romano said.

According to Don Smalley-Rader, senior director of Amerinet Alliance solutions in the Eastern Division, Alliances readily demonstrate the true value of Amerinet. Our willingness to help bring regional healthcare providers together illustrates Amerinets ongoing commitment to reduce healthcare costs and improve healthcare quality. Although the networks formed by Amerinet Alliances are virtual, the savings realized, the relationships formed and the collaboration that ensues are as real as can be.

About Amerinet

As a leading national healthcare group solutions organization, Amerinet collaborates with acute and non-acute care providers to create and deliver unique solutions through performance improvement resources, guidance and ongoing support. With better product standardization and utilization, new financial tools beyond contracting and alliances that help lower costs, raise revenue and champion quality, Amerinet enriches healthcare delivery for its members and the communities they serve. To learn more about how Amerinet can help you successfully navigate the future of healthcare reform, visit

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Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 15, 2012

Pacific Alliance Advertising provides custom solutions using traditional and new media. The company is based out of Los Angeles but handles accounts in various regions across the country and places business on a local and national basis. The Partners have extensive experience in traditional media but have fully embraced new media from day one. As such, they hired some of the best website developers in the business. These experts have worked with many of the Fortune 500 Companies and specialize in driving traffic to websites and to mobile devices.

For many years, small business owners have worked hard to grow their business but in most cases their expertise is specific to their own business category whether it be restaurants, retail stores or the healthcare industry. The majority of them are very aware of the need to promote their business but oftentimes are overwhelmed with the number of choices that are out there. What makes it even more frustrating for them is to have to deal with the unending onslaught of vendors knocking on their door or calling them while theyre busy dealing with customers. The fact that most of these vendors have strong type A personalities and insist that what theyre selling is best doesnt make it any easier.

I find it to be very rewarding when I can eliminate the headaches of our clients by dealing directly with their vendors, analyzing their offerings and deciding which options will lead to the highest possible Return On Investment says Bill Dietz, Partner at Pacific Alliance Advertising. The best part is that our service is free to our clients because the media providers pay us for placing the business with them.

There is nothing better than to see a company grow their revenue and go from one location to thirty-eight locations, like one of our lending institution clients did added Jesse Navarro, also a Partner at Pacific Alliance Advertising. When you handle an account over the years you become like family with your clients and really take their success seriously. Weve found that its critical to fully understand the goals and objectives of our clients and ensure that we provide customized campaigns and added value to help ensure their success.

Bill added We recently met with a healthcare service provider that was really taken advantage of by one of the television vendors. After reviewing their schedule we were able to save them 26% by switching them to a different provider that had a stronger presence within their trading radius and applying our negotiated rates. In addition we increased the frequency of their campaign by more than 114%, along with their reach. This was a real eye opener for the client and provided him with the peace of mind that he needed so that he could concentrate on what he does best manage his core business.

Running an efficient and consistent campaign is only part of the equation. Its equally important to ensure that the creative is compelling and has a strong call to action. To see examples of effective creative, Search Pacific Alliance Advertising on YouTube or go to

Managing Partners:

Bill Dietz has extensive experience in Media Buying and has worked at major agencies in New York and Los Angeles as a Buying Supervisor. He was also a Sales Manager for various Broadcast and Cable Television Organizations, including Tribune, Time Warner, Comcast, AT&T and MediaOne. In addition, he ran the Los Angeles Office for National Cable Communications, a company that sells advertising on Cable Systems and Cable Interconnects in over 200 markets across the country. He has also trained Managers and AEs on how to build more effective Television Campaigns.

Jesse Navarro also has extensive media experience. He started his career as an Account Executive for The Yellow Pages. He then worked as a Senior Account Executive for Comcast and MediaOne and a Sales Manager for Charter Communications and Time Warner. In addition, he was the Media Director at Greenstripe Media which handled many high profile accounts including Fletcher Jones Motor Cars.

Business owners interested in learning more about Pacific Alliance Advertisings services can visit They can also contact Bill Dietz at 310 936 5758 or via email at bill(at)paa12(dot)com

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San Luis Obispo, Californiia (PRWEB) February 27, 2012

The Physical Therapy Business Alliance (PTBA), a national coalition of physical therapy businesses representing not only physical therapists, but their collective employees as well (representing several thousand individuals’ patient access to physical therapy) has recently learned that the Medical Board of California (MBC) and the California Chiropractic Association (CCA) have weighed in to oppose California Senate Bill 924, which would allow patients to access a physical therapist directly. The move has not only caught the attention of PTBA, but has baffled many consumer groups and patients who not only continue to express concern over the extra co-pay costs associated with unnecessary physician visits and a resultant limited access to cost-effective physical rehabilitation, but more importantly, have come to realize that denial of this important access to physical therapists in California is completely in conflict with nearly every physical therapy practice act in the United States.

By far, the overwhelming majority of states nearly every state allow for direct access to physical therapists without physician prescription. The PTBA asserts that the MBC and CCA statements suggesting that direct access to physical therapy is unsafe are not based on any available evidence but instead appear to be of a self-serving nature. Their opposition to this important change to assure cost effective care lessening the economic burden to the citizens of California, certainly the most widely agreed upon point in todays health care reform discussions, reveals how out of touch they remain with the emerging direction of health care.

CCA recently voiced their opposition to physical therapist direct access with the claim that physical therapists do not study the human body adequately enough to be able to treat patients directly. It is clear from their own actions however, that the education of physical therapists is not their real concern at all. Instead, the PTBA believes their opposition is more related to their fear, as stated in a recent Institute for Alternative Futures paper, that physical therapists will be the biggest threat to chiropractors’ bottom line profitability by the year 2015. Like the position taken by MBC, it is a stance that is completely counter to the desire of the citizens of California to gain better control of their rising, unsustainable health care costs.

The PTBA points to the fact that physical therapists are trained to screen for serious medical pathology and score higher on medical screening tests than all physician groups, with the exception of orthopaedic surgeons. Physical therapists are trained in differential diagnosis and medical screening at credentialed universities where they earn doctoral degrees grounded in science and evidence-based practice and consequently have direct access rights in the vast majority of states in the country.

The PTBA views MBC and CCAs stance on physical therapist direct access as an unwillingness to work with the citizens of California to lower escalating health care costs. Working to keep things as they were 20 years ago has been a prime reason for Californias escalating health care costs. When the majority of medical boards in the United States have reasoned that physical therapist direct access is not only safe, but valuable for the citizens they are charged to protect, the conclusion can reasonably conclude that MBC is out of touch with the rest of the medical boards in the United States. A fundamental tenet of responsibility for medical boards is to protect the consumer of health care, not protect your own. MBCs actions can also be interpreted as protecting the profitability of the physicians over which they have legal oversight, clearly outside of their charge and purview, and counter-intuitive to the responsibility they have been entrusted with.

Such a stance is also strongly suggestive that MBC has now become a proxy for the California Medical Association (CMA) in raising opposition to SB 924, duly negotiated in good faith as a ‘compromise bill’ between the CMA and the California Physical Therapy Association through the efforts of SB 924 authors, Senate Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, Senator Curren Price, and Senator Mimi Walters.

PTBA is hopeful that the California Assembly will examine the supporting facts and ignore the ‘fear mongering’ regarding SB 924, as the California Senate did by approving the bill 36-0. The facts are clear: there have been no malpractice concerns or deaths related to physical therapist direct access throughout the United States. As further evidence, there is no difference in physical therapists’ malpractice insurance premiums between states that allow direct access as compared to California physical therapists who, despite national trends, still do not have direct access privileges. The PTBA also points to four high-quality physical therapist direct access studies in top medical journals, which demonstrate that physical therapist direct access is far more cost- effective than physical therapy directed by physician referral and delayed access to physical therapy treatment. In an era of health care reform, coupled to the emerging recognition that evidence, not emotion or manipulating politics will carry the day in controlling health care costs, the PTBA urges that the self serving interests of MBC and CCA be ignored and instead, the interests of the consumers of health care in California be the rightful centerpiece of this discussion.

Source: Physical Therapy Business Alliance


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Salt Lake City, Utah (PRWEB) February 15, 2012

The Utah Education Network (UEN) working as a key partner of the Utah Data Alliance (UDA) has selected Choice Solutions to deliver a secure data warehouse of de-identified early childhood, K-12, post-secondary, and workforce data provided by multiple state agencies that will use this warehouse for analysis and research in support of data driven decision making.

Statewide longitudinal data systems (SLDSs) are a single solution to manage, disaggregate, analyze, and leverage education information within a state. In recent years, the scope of these systems has broadened from the K-12 spectrum to now encompass pre-kindergarten through higher education and workforce training (P-20W). This project requires information technology and education research expertise from all stakeholders involved to insure its success.

The challenge is in the linking, in determining how best to forge the organizational and technical bonds, and to build the data system needed to make informed decisions. Choice Solutions, the leader in P-20W SLDSs, has worked with 15 states across the nation to customize, integrate, and implement edFusion, their enterprise grade P-20W SLDS. Choices level of P-20W data linking experience, in concert with the edFusion product stack, will serve Utahs system requirements.

The P-20W SLDS project wont be a cold start to the partnership; the Utah State Office of Education and Choice (in partnership with Pearson Data Solutions) have been working together for the past year to implement the Utah e-Transcript and Record Exchange system (UTREx). UTREx is being phased into production with the core (collection, validation, reporting) functions having been implemented statewide in August 2011. In addition, UTREx allows individual, detailed student records to be exchanged electronically between any two Utah local education agencies (LEAs). UTREx is currently piloting submission of official student transcripts to any institution of higher education in the country from any Utah high school.

When complete, the P-20W SLDS project will produce accurate and timely data for education policy and decision makers and will yield improved student outcomes for the State of Utah.

About Choice Solutions

Choice Solutions is an end-to-end global Enterprise IT Service and Solutions provider with a proud tradition of helping educational entities build better citizens for tomorrow. Founded with a vision of partnering state and local agencies, Choice offers a holistic approach to moving and delivering Education information and services to the proper stakeholders. With a portfolio of trusted and quality solutions, Choice has the privilege of serving many government organizations, including 15 state Departments of Education and numerous districts, regional education centers, and privately run agencies.

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