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Question by BekindtoAnimals22: How bad will the insurance coverage get under the Affordable Health Care Act? Mine just keeps getting worse?
Its now been changed to only cover 70% rather than 80%. The copay and deductible are higher. The notification said that the company I worked for was being pressured to reduce costs due to the Affordable Health Care Act. So now I guess I need a supplemental health insurance policy. I guess that looks better on Obama’s statistics but it sure doesn’t help the people who need insurance. How does that save me money? Why does anyone support this bill? It stinks.

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Much worse than it has been even under Clinton’s managed care. Expect services and treatment to be further cut, as well. Pretty soon, we’ll all be standing in line at Wal-Mart for our yearly exams. I sometimes wonder if Clinton’s legislation, which he, also, promised would give us lowered costs and better care, wasn’t a set up to turn things so bad that the naive would call uncle. One thing is for sure, Clinton created such a mess that it now needs to be fixed on OUR behalf. No doubt that Bill’s promises fell flat. Expect the same out of Obama. Liberals are transparently dishonest.

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