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With the advent of accountable care organizations and health homes, there is an increased focus on care coordination. In these collaborative arrangements, there are challenges to coordinating care across institutional boundaries. Much is known about the challenges but there remain unsolved questions about how to address them. This panel convened experts from a variety of settings to review what is being done today, what we know needs to be done, and the things that we still need to figure out. Panelists: Susan Beane, MD — Vice President and Medical Director, Healthfirst Neil Calman, MD — President and Co-Founder, Institute for Urban Family Health; Chairman of Family Medicine and Community Health, Mount Sinai School of Medicine Alex Federman, MD — Division Chief of General Internal Medicine, Mount Sinai School of Medicine Thomas Moore, MPA — Vice President for Care Coordination, Healthix

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Federal health reform is expected to increase the number of non-native English speakers with insurance. Refugees living in City Heights say they already need a more culturally competent health care experience. Plus, claims of coercion in recent drug smuggling across the US border could signal a new tactic being used by drug cartels.
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(Reuters) – U.S. price increases on popular branded drugs in the past year have been more than six times the overall rate of inflation for consumer goods, while spending on specialty medications is up nearly 23 percent, according to data compiled by Express Scripts for its first quarterly drug trend report.

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What is Libertarian Progressive : definition / agenda election 2012 : 2014 11 (Tuesday) The largest compilation of original, on the ballot, 2012 independent and 3rd party Congressional candidate interviews. This can be your new Congress, Nov. 6, 2012. If you like these interviews & the information, spread the word + share + like + subscribe + comment + favorite What the regressivecans/dinglecraps fear most : a libertarian progressive alliance We have more issues which unite us than divide – it would be nice if someday the only thing we actually had to debate was health, energy and education . . . we are talking about war, empire, security industrial complexes’: both domestically and internationally, corporate bailouts, civil liberties, accountability and transparency Why vote 3rd party? if you care about these issues . . . we have already tried (through a tougher standard than a double blind study) the regressivecans/dinglecraps per se : both Bush and Obama who both had a full Congress (most Presidents don’t have anywhere near what these two had) their first two years. Now witness the “We the People” power of this fully ARMED & OPERATIONAL constitutional democratically elected republic – a “shot heard ’round the world”

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Waterwheel Debate [00:05] Fitzpatrick: Number 1, Congress should not be exempt from any law passed in this country. None of them. Number 2, my family- I don’t take the Congressional Health Care Plan. My wife and I, we obtain our health care in the private sector. We pay our co pays and our family share like everybody else in this community. But we choose to do that because we understand that health care is a big issue and I’m going to be part of that debate, casting votes on your behalf, and I want you to understand and believe that I’m doing what I believe is in the best interest of this community in Pennsylvania. Number 3, I support consumer protection provisions of the Affordable Care Act. And I think we need to secure them and continue them. But I do not support the majority of the Affordable Care Act which has been referred to as Obamacare because when I speak to families throughout this district and I speak to small businesses… it was a well design- well intentioned law that is hurting businesses’ ability to grow and create jobs. [01:05] Fitzpatrick: Actually, it hurts the American people it was intended to help. I can give you a couple of examples. Um, 20+ tax increases in the bill. New taxes on income, new taxes on dividends, taxes on capital gains, taxes on medical devices which is something we need to be concerned about in Pennsylvania and specifically in Bucks County because we have many many manufactures of medical devices in Bucks County who do a great job

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FRANKFURT (Reuters) – Actavis, the Swiss generic drugmaker that Watson Pharmaceuticals is taking over, said revenue would rise to more than 2 billion euros ($ 2.6 billion) this year, driven by patent expiries in Europe and strong demand in the United States.

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NOVEMBER 6: Take This Country Back OBAMA RECORD US Competitiveness Falls from #1 to #7: Incomes Fall at Record Levels: Record Lows in Work Force: Food Stamps at Record Levels: ObamaCare Raises Premiums: Stimulus Failed: National Debt Out of Control: 80 Million Hours of Regulations: Taxmageddon coming this January: Obama Regulations cost .8 Trillion: ObamaCare will Slash Profits, Cut Jobs: General Motors Bailout Failed; GM Goes Bankrupt TWICE: CBO Predicts 2013 Recession: ObamaCare Cuts Medicare by 6 Billion: Medicare Will Be Bankrupt by 2024: Obama Covers up Gun-Running Scandal: Obama Covers up Libya Terrorist Attack Scandal: Obamanomics Has Failed: And don’t blame it on Bush: Obama Golfs a Record 90+ times as President… ROMNEY PLAN 59-Point Plan for 12 Million New Jobs: Energy Independence by 2020: Tackling Housing Crisis: Tax Cut for Middle Class: ( Not a tax hike: ) Balanced Budget: Health Care Policy: Preserving Medicare for Future: School Choice: www
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Denver, CO (PRWEB) September 20, 2012

Schumacher Group, one of the nations fastest growing emergency medicine management companies, will be hosting a variety of events, sponsorships and speakers at the 2012 ACEP Scientific Assembly in Denver, Oct. 8-10.

Before the official start of the ACEP event, SG will be sponsoring, along with Blue Jay Consulting and MedicAlert, this years Urgent Matters conference a seminar that occurs in conjunction with the Scientific Assembly as a one day session on Oct. 7. The focus is on health care policies, the new era of health care reform, and how changes will affect emergency department patient flow across the U.S., with guest speakers including Mark McClelland, DNP, RN and Assistant Research Professor at George Washington University; Brent R. Asplin, MD, President of Fairview Clinics in Minnesota; Suzanne Stone-Griffith, RN, Hospital Corporation of America (HCA); Blue Jay Consultings Chief Nursing Executive Jim Hoelz, MS, MBA, RN, CEN, FAEN; and Jesse Pines, MD, MBA. (*Attendance information to follow in Editors Notes.)

Following Urgent Matters, Schumacher Group will be present at the following events:

EMRA (Emergency Medicine Residency Association) Luncheon

Exclusive Sponsor

Monday, Oct. 8, (11:50am 1pm) Sheraton Hotel – Mile High Ballroom – 4A

FEATURED SPEAKER: Mark A. Mitchell, DO, FACOEP, President – Emergency Medicine Division, Schumacher Group

Presenting: Your First EM Job: What Are You Looking For?

EMRA Job Fair

Booth Participant

Monday, Oct. 8 (5 7pm) Colorado Convention Center – Mile High Ballroom – 3

AAWEP (American Association of Women Emergency Physicians) Breakfast

Exclusive Sponsor

Monday, Oct. 8 (7:30 – 10:30am) Sheraton Hotel – Governor’s Square 10, Concourse Level

FEATURED SPEAKER: Beverly Gladney, MD, FACEP, Regional Medical Officer, Schumacher Group

Topic: Be Heard! Get Elected! EM womens roles in politics, hospital committees, boards, and more.

Emergency Medicine and Health System Reform Panel: What is EM’s True Value?

Wednesday, October 10 (4 6pm) Colorado Convention Center, Room 405

FEATURED PANELIST: Randy Pilgrim, MD, FACEP, CEO and Chief Medical Officer, Schumacher Group

Co-Presenting: Delivery System Reform

ACEP is a remarkable champion, not only for emergency physician practices, but also for the healthcare delivery system as a whole, stated Randy Pilgrim, MD, FACEP, CEO & Chief Medical Officer of Schumacher Group. We are proud to support this years event in such a meaningful way.

For additional details regarding the ACEP Scientific Assembly, visit For additional information about Schumacher Group, visit or follow SG on Facebook at


Caring for some 4 million patients annually, Schumacher Group is one of the largest emergency medical staffing and management companies in the U.S., as well as a health care resource for Hospital Medicine, Wellness Programs, Care Management, Urgent Care, Physical Therapy, and Billing & Coding. For more information, visit

*Editors Notes:

To attend the Oct. 7 Urgent Matters event, there is a registration fee of $ 75; but there is limited seating of 150 participants for the event. You do not have to be registered for the entire ACEP conference to attend, but pre-registration and payment is required. ACEP Delegates can attend Urgent Matters free of charge, but must pre-register. All other ACEP events are included in your ACEP registration.

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