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Supercommittee in turmoil, but Democrats circulate plan with health cuts
REPUBLICANS SEE GOLD IN COMMONWEALTH REPORT— That Commonwealth Fund report about rising health insurance premiums was pretty pro-ACA, with lots of stuff about how it had the potential to finally bring down those soaring health care costs. …
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November 2011 Election Results
Learn more about the Pros and Cons of Issue 2. (Issue 2 was defeated with 61 percent of voters voting to repeal the law.) Issue 3, a referendum on a constitutional amendment that would bar any law compelling any person, employer, or health care …
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Suing Arizona: The political pros and cons
The court's decision to take up Obama's health care reform legislation next spring will put concerns about federal government overreach front and center and a fight over federal efforts to limit a state's authority to address illegal immigration could …
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