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SOLICITICS Words, Voice & Soundscape by Gerant Kenneth & Superdanno Personal Assistant – Haley Contagious As the leader of our nation I am proud as I stand before you. Proud to be the first of my kind to bare my sinew. First to break the ground and the last to face the issue. Grounded by the fallen before me stand in lieu. Our grand expanse will prosper with your vote. As a vote for me will guarantee hope. I promise you this much: as much as I can cope. For I am only human, and to be honest, The truth I must cloak. Specialised education for every man, woman and child across the nation. That’s not an empty threat, it’s a promise. Genuine guarantee, our party will deliver. Poverty will only exist in the pages of our well educated children’s state of the art history lessons. Our government will set a new standard, raising the bar in all issues of law enforcement. Each city, town, county and village will have its very own Robocop. Ensuring a safe, smart and prosperous future. As for health care, we assure you one-hundred-thousand extra beds. Doctors, nurses and orderlies per capita city and rural areas. We not only sincerely promise but genuinely guarantee our healthy, bright, free and wealthy citizens of the future can rest assured they are in good hands with us. Thank you fair citizens of our nation.
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