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On September 13th, 2012 Dr. James Binder, MD of Mountaineers for a National Health Plan led a discussion on the economics of a Single-Payer health care system at the Kanawha County Public Library’s Main Branch in Charleston, West Virginia. Here is some of that meeting interwoven with an interview I had with him prior to this. Mountaineers for a National Health Plan is the state affiliate of Physicians for a National Health Program. The organizations advocate for single-payer universal health care, not to be confused with the Affordable Care Act which advocates for market based private health insurers and expanding Medicaid. In West Virginia Medicaid reimbursement rates haven’t been raised in 8 years! Thus making the ACA not true health care reform. If it mandated states HAD to raise Medicaid rates a little each year REAL health care advocates could call it an improvement… other than that it’s more like an insult to the poor and disabled. You don’t raise rates and doctors stop taking your medical card and you have to drive all over hell’s acres for care that’s not reform.. that’s a nightmare! Find Mountaineers for a National Health Plan on Facebook at:
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