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Single Attar w/Tin Canister – French Vanilla

Single Attar w/Tin Canister - French Vanilla

  • Photo is for illustration purpose only. The actual canister may differ from that shown.
  • Who Else Wants A Flood of Compliments? Compliments always make you feel beautiful. But attars also keep you in touch with your feelings, awaken pleasant memories, and help keep you in a positive and happy mood.

  • I’ve been a customer now for 18 years, ever since I first walked into your original retail shop in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I have never come across any other scent oils that match the quality of Attar Bazaar. My favorites include: Jannat al-Ferdous, Frankincense, Myrrh, Kush, Egyptian Musk, and Sudanese Black Rose. I love the fact that these oils contain no fillers like glycerol or alcohol.
    –Abdassalam Granger, Longmont, CO

  • I’ve been a customer for five years now. You know, I don’t even bother trying new products anymore. Nothing can even come close!
    –Jack S., San Francisco, CA

  • I have used 5 different fragrances of your oils for at least 12 years now and get compliments on how good I smell on a weekly basis. I have never wanted to smell like anyone else so I’ve always tried to find fragrances that are unique. Your products certainly fit the bill. Your oils make me feel great and seem to bring pleasure to others as well. Thanks so much for providing such wonderful products!

Choose your favorite fragrance! A single one-dram size attar comes packaged in an Indian tin canister with special rose petals and gift straw. This item makes a perfect gift! Choose your favorite fragrance!

Attar Bazaar Brings You The Most Precious and Fragrant Attars From Tunis, Lahore, Delhi, Egypt, Africa, Arabia, Sudan — and Other Scent Capitols Of The World. Elegant and exceedingly rich scents, not simply random mixtures of essential oils, Attars are a specific type of natural, 100% alcohol-free perfume oils. Attars have been famous in the Middle East, Persia and India for almost 2,000 years, but generally unavailable in the West until now. More than 2 million satisfied customers have used Attar Bazaar fragrances over the past 25 years! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

List Price: $ 11.95

Price: $ 11.95

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