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Question by Kiran C: Since Vermont is first to post the premiums under Obamacare, are these prices that we expected?
“Vermont’s insurance exchange will be served by two companies, MVP Health, based in Schenectady, New York, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont. ”

“Without the subsidies, premiums would start at $ 202 a month for a single person under 30 buying a stripped-down ‘catastrophic’ plan sold by MVP Health, according to the statement released yesterday by Vermont. ‘Platinum’ coverage for an entire family, the most expensive available, would cost $ 1,728 a month from MVP or $ 1,698 from Blue Cross Blue Shield. ”

These are the after prices for the Affordable Care Act. What are the before prices?

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Answer by Flower
Insurance premiums are regional or local, oversight is by each state. We dont know what the insurance exchanges in other states will offer yet. You should give all the rates, not just a couple of them. And you should give the tax credit subsidy people will get next year.

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