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Question by Shahnn: Should President Obama lower the requirements for practicing medicine once Universal Health Care passes?
Once Universal Health Care is approved, everyone will enjoy the same health care rights regardless of their financial status. This is going to introduce MILLIONS of new patients into the system requiring more doctors and nurses to provide adequate care. Don’t you think the requirements for practicing medicine should be lowered to accommodate the demand? Say, 3 month course to achieve nurse certification, 6 month course to achieve general practice/doctor certification and 1 year course for doctors that want to perform surgeries?

We need to plan ahead to minimize the wait times. This would be an excellent way to ensure there is adequate resources on hand.

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Answer by Captain James T. Bong
Obama is a low requirement..

How do you think he became President?

The Left have no standards.

They would suck anything…they are soo stup!d

Sarah 2012

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