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Romney and Obama court Florida Hispanics Story from: Image Attribution: Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images White House rivals visit Florida to speak on Spanish-language TV in effort to address key concerns of diverse Latino electorateAs if his week needed to become any more challenging Mitt Romney will appear in Miami on Wednesday to face some tough questions from a key group of voters crucial to his hopes of winning the White House ” Florida’s Hispanics.The Republican presidential candidate already in trouble for his “it would be helpful to be a Latino” comment recorded at a Florida fundraising dinner goes into an interview with the Spanish-language TV station Univision seeking to explain and defend his controversial policies on immigration and healthcare.Barack Obama meanwhile follows Romney to south Florida for his own appearance before the same cameras on Thursday. And while Obama enjoys a margin of popularity among Florida’s 2.1 million Hispanic electors 51% to 37% according to the latest polls analysts say the vote could yet tip either way.”It’s hard to win the presidency and not win in Florida and it’s hard to win in Florida without winning the Hispanic vote” said Casey Klofstad associate professor of political science at the University of Miami and an analyst for the polling group Latino Decisions.”The campaign is more about turnout than changing hearts and minds. The candidates need to court their base and go to where the votes are. The Latino

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