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RNC 2012 - Where Things Stand for GOP [8-27-2012]

Click and buy a Tee-Shirt using the link above for a 2% discount. MeTee: Tee-Shirt Design in Seconds. – ‘Death panel’ is a political term that originated during a 2009 debate about federal health care legislation to cover the uninsured in the United States. The term was first used in August 2009 by former Republican Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin when she charged that the proposed legislation would create a ‘death panel’ of bureaucrats who would decide whether Americans—such as her elderly parents or child with Down syndrome—were worthy of medical care. Palin’s claim, however, was debunked, and it has been referred to as the ‘death panel’ myth; nothing in any proposed legislation would have allowed individuals to be judged to see if they were ‘worthy’ of health care. Palin specified that she was referring to Section 1233 of bill HR 3200 which would have paid physicians for providing voluntary counseling to Medicare patients about living wills, advance directives, and end-of-life care options. Palin’s claim was presented as false and criticized by mainstream news media, fact-checkers, academics, physicians, Democrats, and some Republicans. Other prominent Republicans and conservative talk radio hosts backed Palin’s statement. One poll showed that after it spread, about 85% of Americans were familiar with the charge and of those who were familiar with it, about 30% thought it was true. Due to public concern, the provision was removed from the Senate bill and was

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