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Republicans find killing healthcare law not as easy as it sounds
Even if Republicans win big on Election Day, though, repealing the Affordable Care Act will be a tall order. Republicans say they could repeal President Obama's healthcare law if the GOP wins the White House and majorities in the House and Senate next …
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John Roberts's verdict? Health care is not a right
Don't like the new health care law? Fine. Throw the bums out. Elect former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney as president and vote in a Republican Congress and they promise the law will be gone. “I will do [it] on my first day if elected president …
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Romney agrees with Obama on key part of healthcare law
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – When the Supreme Court upheld President Barack Obama 's healthcare law as constitutional last week, it gave a little something to his Republican foes: The court declared that the fee charged to most Americans who refuse to buy …
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