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In my last video on health care, I got a link to a video that I just could not let go unanswered. Here’s the link to the video: This looks suspiciously like a troll video from Representative Boehner’s office, considering that the person only has one subscriber – User JohnBoehner. Also, doing a google search on user wethepeopleUSA2012 shows that this user’s only activity is linking people to this video. Finally, the one video that’s posted calls for us to call people like Pelosi, Waxman, etc, with John Boehner’s number on the bottom. Considering that he opposes the bill to begin with, is his number placed in order to track how many people telephone the office in response to the video? I know I have just about as much evidence as the average conspiracy theorist, but something seems to be going on here… Anyhow, I go through the first half of this video blow by blow. Since I’m not a lawyer, I’m not able to discern all of the statements that are made in the video, but I do a good job on trying. If you do know someone who is a lawyer who has read the bill, please let me know and I’ll do an update with what the bill has.

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