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RADIUS Source Soft Travel Pack (Toothbrush w/ case)

RADIUS Source Soft Travel Pack (Toothbrush w/ case)

  • RADIUS Source Soft Travel Pack (Toothbrush w/ case)

Front label panel: RADIUS source TOOTHBRUSH soft with Travel Case recycled bio-plastic handle replaceable head saves material old dollar bills Instructions: Right or Left Hand – to orientate head – face hand symbol at top of handle that corresponds to your hand (right or left) as if that hand’s palm is facing you – insert the head such that the bristles face you. Replace Head – pull shaft of the head away from the handle with a sharp tug – head will detach. Place connector of new head into socket at top of handle and push until you feel a positive click and the head is fully seated. Check head for wear at 90 days and replace if bristles are matted down. Ingredients: Bio-plastic handle made from recycled wood and post-consumer plastic. Supplemental Facts: source with FREE travel case replaceable head toothbrush soft Replaceable heads save 80% of material of standard toothbrushes. Bio-plastic handle made from recycled wood and post-consumer plastic. Superb RADIUS bristling cleans teeth and removes plaque with softness and comfort. Using a Source Toothbrush allows you to do your bit for the planet by reducing material consumption. Replaceable heads weigh only 0.1 oz. and saves 80% of the material used in standard toothbrushes. The handle is a bio-plastic made from recycled wood and post-consumer plastic. It will last forever but also can be fully recycled unlike standard toothbrushes. This toothbrush is made in our factory in Kutztown PA. We monitor all the energy and material inputs. Our aim is to deliver a toothbrush that is made of pure and environmentally sound materials and uses the minumum energy in manufacture and in use. Bristles radiate from the head – giving a wide bristle tip area for a small head size – makes brushing teeth and gums more effective. Recycling Toothbrushes – toothbrushes cannot be placed in municipal recycling systems because of their composite construction. At RADIUS we choose to make toothbrushes that last longer like our Original SCUBA KID

List Price: $ 7.99

Price: $ 10.25

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One Response to “RADIUS Source Soft Travel Pack (Toothbrush w/ case)”

  • A. Drewes "Closet of Free Samples":
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    A bit different, June 26, 2013
    A. Drewes “Closet of Free Samples” (New Orleans, LA USA) –

    This review is from: RADIUS Source Soft Travel Pack (Toothbrush w/ case) (Health and Beauty)
    I had received the medium toothbrush made from old recycled bills to check out. I actually originally requested a soft bristle brush because I do have sensitive gums, but still had received the medium bristle brush. I’m sure that was a mistake, but a little disappointing since it sort of makes me feel like my email was a bit disregarded – but as I said it’s a mistake anyone could make so not a huge big deal. One thing I did like was the unique look, feel and style of the toothbrush. The ergo style handle made it easy to hold the toothbrush for use which is definitely a plus. The RADIUS Source Toothbrush utilizes replacement head technology to reduce waste by 93%. The Source has an ergonomic handle made from 50% recycled materials that can be right or left handed. The toothbrush is BPA free and the handle is made of bio-plastic.

    Another thing I noticed about this toothbrush is the unique style toothbrush head. While it is a bit different I found that it’s a bit large compared to regular sized toothbrushes. I have a small mouth so being able to continue to use this toothbrush won’t work for me because of that purpose and my husband had even found that the size was a bit large for his mouth as well.

    When using it, despite the fact I generally use soft bristles, I found the medium seemed to work fine on my sensitive gums. They were actually pretty soft. So that was a pleasant surprise to me.

    Overall I had an alright experience with this product. The toothbrush is unique and I love trying unique things and it did ship out quickly. It’s also made of quality materials and meant to last which are some more pluses. The fact of the larger head though is what drives me away, but that’s based off my own personal preference for toothbrush sizes. Would I recommend this product? If you have a big mouth then I think it would work just fine for you, but if you have a small mouth as I do or was looking at this for a child then I would have to say this isn’t the product for you. On the other hand, Radius does offer a variety of other toothbrushes to check out if you still want a new brush that is unique to your style. If I could make 1 suggestion to Radius it would be to place the toothbrush head size in the description just for the sake of customers like myself who have to be particular on the toothbrush sizes they use. Otherwise this company is a great company with unique products!



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