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Question by I.P.O.C.: Question about health care rights of patients in America?
I live in Missouri and have many medical issues that cause massive amounts of pain, but every time I see a doctor or go to the ER they never give me anything for the pain, why is this?
And do people in America with severe pain have a right to get pain medicine?
I dont have health insurance, I was denied because of pre-existing conditions, but Ive been to the ER and to local walk in clinics and they wont treat me, they just give me a blood test and kick me out and sent me a $ 6000 bill.

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Answer by John J. S
You do not have the right to go to hospitals and ask for pain medications. You start showing up and they immediately go to “Druggie looking for a fix.” Missouri claims only that you have the right to live, not that you have the right to medical treatment and prescription drugs you can not afford.

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