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Push your health care insurer to pay more
If your bill isn't covered, your therapist may be very willing to reduce her price, says Joel Press, a physiatrist at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. Thanks to a 2008 parity law, if you work at a firm with over 50 workers that offers mental …
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How Savvy Healthcare Consumerism Improves Your Bottom Line
Review healthcare bills. Inspect just as you would a restaurant bill. Billing mistakes do occur. Shop around — you're the customer. Price variations run rampant in healthcare, and the highest price doesn't always mean the highest quality.
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Healthcare Legal News – May 16, 2012 • Volume 2, Number 4
Millennium Lawsuit By L. Pahl Zinn, and Christian G. Ohanian As healthcare and antitrust enforcement by governmental agencies increases, private parties are increasingly bringing antitrust and state unfair competition claims.
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