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Poll: Democrats Hold Edge on Contraception Debate, Medicare
Five years ago Japanese women's rights advocates won a major battle to legalize oral contraceptives. Now they are waging an even tougher fight: getting women to use them. () By Margot Sanger-Katz Though the public remains skeptical of the health care
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Contraception controversy? Not with national health care
Because it seems to me that if you're using your religion to deny other people health care they want, you're against freedom, not for it. Any church is welcome to speak out against birth control. They are empowered to speak directly to the conscience …
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After Many Tough Choices, the Choice to Quit
WASHINGTON — The looming Senate vote on a Republican plan to give employers the right to withdraw health care coverage based on religious and moral convictions put Senator Olympia J. Snowe in a tough but familiar position: weighing her own views as a …
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