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Petsecure Pays 80% of Qualified Claims Three dogs with three different health problems might not have a lot in common, but their owners did all help pay their veterinarian bills with Petsecure, Canada’s leading pet insurance provider. Vanessa’s bulldog, Frank, developed a limp. He needed surgery to correct this. Vanessa was presented with a large veterinarian bill, but only had to pay for 20% of it. Vanessa has claimed over 000 with Frank, saving her a lot of money. Baily’s black lab, Ares, was playing with other dogs in a park when some bramble was lodged deep in his ear. This was very painful for Ares. Even though he had pre-existing exlusion, Petsecure was able to approve the vet bill claim and paid for 80% of the bill. Baily uses Petsecure because it gives him peace of mind. Carli’s pug, Pugsly, needed medial patella luxation surgery on two of her knees. This cost almost 00 but Carli only paid 20% of the bill. Carli says she loves Petsecure because she now has no stress about her pets’ health.
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