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Waterwheel Debate [00:05] Fitzpatrick: Number 1, Congress should not be exempt from any law passed in this country. None of them. Number 2, my family- I don’t take the Congressional Health Care Plan. My wife and I, we obtain our health care in the private sector. We pay our co pays and our family share like everybody else in this community. But we choose to do that because we understand that health care is a big issue and I’m going to be part of that debate, casting votes on your behalf, and I want you to understand and believe that I’m doing what I believe is in the best interest of this community in Pennsylvania. Number 3, I support consumer protection provisions of the Affordable Care Act. And I think we need to secure them and continue them. But I do not support the majority of the Affordable Care Act which has been referred to as Obamacare because when I speak to families throughout this district and I speak to small businesses… it was a well design- well intentioned law that is hurting businesses’ ability to grow and create jobs. [01:05] Fitzpatrick: Actually, it hurts the American people it was intended to help. I can give you a couple of examples. Um, 20+ tax increases in the bill. New taxes on income, new taxes on dividends, taxes on capital gains, taxes on medical devices which is something we need to be concerned about in Pennsylvania and specifically in Bucks County because we have many many manufactures of medical devices in Bucks County who do a great job

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