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Outsourced Billing And Management: Avoid Regulatory Traps

Outsourced Billing And Management: Avoid Regulatory Traps

Outsourcing Front And Back Office Functions Can Cause Regulatory Traps. Here Is How You Can Prevent Your Practice Fall Prey To The Traps!

Many health care facilities and providers have turned to laypersons and companies to handle some or all front and back office functions. These resources are typically not licensed, not subject to regulatory scrutiny and may be based domestically or overseas. This type of delegation is often touted as saving costs and allowing providers to focus on patient care rather than administrative functions.

Delegating responsibilities in this manner, however, does not relieve the health care provider or facility from responsibility for regulatory compliance with respect to the outsourced functions. Further, under state and federal laws, some functions should not be assigned to non-licensed persons. Likewise, it is necessary to do due diligence to be sure that a company or layperson can make good on errors or noncompliance.

Join nationally-known healthcare attorney & expert Wayne J. Miller, Esq., for a 60-minutes audio conference. He’ll explore the risks and traps to avoid in outsourcing front and back office functions. Wayne will discuss areas to focus on in vetting possible candidates for outsourced billing and management functions.

Here is what you’ll learn:

Do contract billing companies or managers need any special status?
Functions that may not be delegated under state and Medicare laws

List Price: $ 197.00

Price: $ 197.00

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