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Produced by Obama Files Obama Was a Member of the Socialist New Party in 1996 In 2008 after the Democratic Party crowned Obama savior of the country and put Hillary Clinton on the back burner to simmer, a little known columnist named Stanley Kurtz began making some startling claims about Obama’s past. That he had extensive associations with ACORN. That he had been connected with ACORN’s front group, the Socialist New Party in 1996. That he served on Leftist foundations with a man that had bragged about being a domestic terrorist in the 1960s, one Bill Ayers. Of course in 2008 most of us had never heard of ACORN. Most of us never heard of Bill Ayers. Most of us knew that socialism had been tried and had failed many times and figured no one in their right mind would try to foist this discredited political system on America. Or so we thought. Obama, of course, as he does with all his enemies, began an ad hominem attack on Kurtz, using his Fight the Smears website to call Kurtz a “right wing hatchet man and conspiracy theorist,” and denied any connection to the New Party, ACORN, or Ayers (we all remember the “just a guy in my neighborhood” comment). checked Obama’s facts, Media Matters said everything that matters, the mainstream media went on their merry way, and Stanley Kurtz disappeared Or so Obama thought. Kurtz went on to write Radical-in-Chief, detailing Obama’s extensive ties to the New Party, ACORN, Ayers, and a host of other radicals and
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