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Obama, Romney, 'Obamacare' and the Facts
Numerous leading Republicans have said this over and over again, presenting the health care law as another budget-busting initiative by the Obama administration in the same vein as the stimulus or the auto-industry bailout. “ 'Obamacare' adds trillions …
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Distaste for Health Care Law Reflects Spending on Ads
A Supreme Court ruling on the constitutionality of the health care law is expected any day now, but even if the Obama administration wins in the nation's highest court, most evidence suggests it has lost miserably in the court of public opinion …
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On health care, the public doesn't like its options
As we have written before, all of the spin around the health care law should not distract from the fact that opinions about it have remained remarkably steady over the past two years. Here's a chart put together by the Post polling department — follow …
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