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Obama Embraces Health Care Law After Supreme Court Ruling
WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama, emboldened by the Supreme Court's affirmation of his health care overhaul, is now embracing the law while campaigning for re-election, just as Republican rival Mitt Romney steps back from it. Obama sees a …
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Medical center proves Obamacare not needed for affordable healthcare
Second, they altered the composition of health care spending. As the government covered a larger portion of the health care bill, the share of out-of-pocket spending decreased. The combined effects of the increase in federal funding and the decrease in …

House Republicans Grill Douglas Shulman, IRS Commissioner, Over Health
WASHINGTON — House Republicans on Thursday grilled the head of the Internal Revenue Service on the agency's decision to apply the health care law's tax credits in states that decide not to carry out a key provision of the statute. Commissioner Douglas …
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