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Anchor on camera: A crowd of over 3000 people gathered at the Fieldhouse in Iowa City on Thursday to listen to President Obama speak about the historic healthcare bill he signed last Sunday. (VO) The young and the old stood in line anticipating Obamas speech about the healthcare bill. It was Obamas first time in Iowa City since he promised radical healthcare reform three years ago during his presidential campaign. But not everyone was there to listen to President Obama. Hundreds of protestors met outside the Fieldhouse to send a message to the president and there was plenty of anger and frustration to go around. SOT Scattered about the mass of protestors were people showing President Obama their support and thanks for the bill. SOT (VO) The bill will not be in full effect until 2014, and many hope for a public option, but others just hope that the November elections would get here sooner. With Daily Iowan TV, Im Rachel Bjerke.

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