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Nutrition 53 Lean 1 Vanilla Raspberry 1.7lb 1 Tub

  • 14 Organic Fruit and vegetable extracts
  • Plant Sterols for a healthy heart
  • Get Lean and Stay Lean

Lean1 is your answer for rapid, effective, healthy weight loss. Lean1 combines the powerful nutrients you need to lose body fat and tone muscles in the convenience of a healthy, great tasting, meal replacement shake. Lean1′s 200 calorie formula delivers lactose free proteins, 17 organic fruit & vegetable extracts, 3-5 grams of fiber, and hoodia for hunger control.¬†Lean1 from Nutrition 53 is a meal-replacement shake that provides everything your body needs to support a healthy lifestyle–just like any other well-balanced meal. Whether you’re a serious athlete, an active businessperson, or a busy mom, Lean1 is formulated to help you lose weight and build lean muscle, plus it protects your heart and supports healthy digestion.

Lean1 promotes muscle recovery and fat loss. View larger.

(Chocolate flavor shown here.)

Stay Healthy, Alert, and Ready to Take on Challenges
It’s no secret that you need the right fuel to perform well during the day, but sometimes the fast-pace of modern life gets in the way of preparing meals. Lean1 contains a balance of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and fiber. So whether your problem is skipping meals or eating junk foods instead of healthy meals, you can use Lean1 to get a well-balanced meal anytime, even if you’re on the go. And it comes in vanilla raspberry, chocolate, banana cream, and cookies n cream, so you have lots of flavor choices.

Protein for Quick Recovery and Omega-3 Oils for Heart Health
The proprietary N53 Protein Blend supplies the protein you need for muscular recuperation and growth, while preventing the breakdown of muscle protein. This helps you recover after long days and tough workouts.

Lean1 also contains Phytosterols and Omega-3, which research has shown can reduce your risk of heart disease by a significant amount.

Support Weight Loss and Promote Healthy Digestion
If you’re trying to lose weight, Lean1 supports an enhanced rate of fat loss through the combined effects of alpha lipoic acid, Hoodia gordonii extract and green coffee bean extract. Studies have shown these ingredients may also suppress appetite and enhance daily energy expenditure, helping you maintain a healthier lifestyle.

And Lean1 contains both soluble and insoluble dietary fiber to help keep your digestive tract clean and healthy.

About Nutrition 53
Nutrition 53 was founded by Bill Romanowski, a four-time Super Bowl champion. He played 16 years and 243 consecutive games, more than any other linebacker in the history of the NFL. His intensity and passion for nutrition improved his performance, allowing him to outlast competitors and stay strong.

This passion combined with work from top scientists, doctors, and nutritionists is at the heart of the powerful formulas produced by Nutrition53.

Other flavors include Chocolate, Banana Cream, and Cookies ‘N Cream.

What’s in the Box
2-pound tub of Lean1 Vanilla Raspberry.

List Price: $ 57.11

Price: $ 22.95

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