Archived Facts If the North Carolina General Assembly is concerned about its place in history, it looks like they’ve got s…
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23 Responses to “Moral Monday Begins: Historians Join Clergy in Civil Disobedience Protests | “Story of America””

  • Amparo Couso:

    We have the same issues in Florida! Do what ever it takes and vote .thanks for the fight. !

  • Max Nix:

    The folks who do the absolute least for their country are always the loudest when crying about their rights! When I see the same people hiding behind the Constitution i.e, the Media and an ethnic group and their supporters. Illegal aliens are called illegal for a reason and until you become a part of society and are accountable for actions by you and your peers

  • TheCod6freak:

    We should all take note of what these people are doing. I salute you all.

  • dellboy99:

    Remember conservatives hate the USA because freedom, justice and real democracy are the enemy of conservative America. Racism, Xenophobia, homophobia etc are the mantra of right wing Americans.

  • HattieLovesCattie:

    The problem is not enough voted to keep the Democrats in power so now they’re getting even and drawing up these ridicoulous 1955 laws.

  • Eric Byler, Film Director:

    @Lynn Johnson, the “vote down button” on the right side is just the scoreboard. To vote our video down, use the one on the left. YouTube is actually not trying to thwart your ability to express yourself.

  • crayonplane:

    The New Guard & ‘democracy’ will apparently be including the Agenda 21, common core curriculum, National healthcare, these things have one thing in common; vast networks of data mining companies who will be the primary profiteers, led by a raft of leftist billionaires who are oligarchical collectivists,who will drain the USA further. the right calls them resounding successes, I call them national security threats, betwixt the two definitions the old and new guard might find some common ground.

  • Lynn Johnson:

    It’s pretty nice that the vote down button doesn’t work. Typical Democrat bias

  • Lynn Johnson:

    Why don’t these people have to work on Mondays and now Wednesdays too? I have to pay my own bills.

  • MJ NY:

    millionaires didn’t put them in office

  • annzup57:

    There is no “might” or “maybe” to THIS MOVEMENT! This IS the “death throe” of any and all with as much as a toe in the old, tired, wrong and evil, Old South.

  • evl2n:

    We support you in Virginia as well. Keep up the fight. We shall overcome.

  • Decktrio:

    I’m sorry, are you likening the purchase of alcohol to a citizen’s right to vote??

  • scottsway:

    Good point….

  • capefeather:

    Actually I feel sorry for moderate Republicans who keep getting shut out by the loud extremists who keep getting into high positions.

  • TheMitchellPorter:

    They asked for my ID at the liquor store last night. Those racist bastards.

  • Donna Lynch:

    Standing with you in Florida!

  • MrStanbilly:

    Love and support from Washington state!  Fight the good fight!

  • scottsway:

    Republicans are the ruin of America. We were once a great nation, but Republicans destroyed and continue to destroy this country.

    Republicans should be jailed. They’re intellectually inferior, anti-progress, hateful, morally bankrupt, and the would rather destroy their own country than see it move forward.


  • Danny Wade:

    Florida passed similar laws, and republican lawmakers there have admitted that the purpose of these was voter suppression. Straight up admitted this in the press. Now they have struck down those laws, thanks to the ferocious backlash from voters.

  • usmcholmans:

    All right. Fact-starved and low-information voter then. Got it.

  • Truthknower:

    The voter id is racist and vile and the United States government should strike it down with the Voting RIghts Act

  • Cathleen D:

    I can only pray that people start to see what is really going on in this country! Let the Blind see and then we all will prosper!

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