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Mitt Romney And Paul Ryan are lying to the American people, like they have Diarrhea at the mouth. Fact checkers found 300 lies in their speeches at the RNC in Tampa, FL. They lied about Medicare, Welfare…Business, Taxes, Budget, on and on… They even told news outlets, they don’t care about getting caught lying, that facts have no place in their campaign. In essence, they told credible fact-checkers to “Go to Hell.” This video sums it up. Po-Po – Diarrhea! Your lying stinks like “Hot @hit” Romney-Ryan. America – wake up – two liars are trying to move into your White House. Remember what yo’ mama told you: A chronic liar will also Cheat Steal and Kill; so beware of liars. I ain’t lying – these guys are dangerous to our Democracy and the American Dream! Po-Po – Diarrhea! _________________________________ Lying Paul Ryan And Mitt Romney is trying to sell America with a radical Republican Platform of “Anti-Abortions – Budgets – And Tax Cuts for the rich – yet, claiming it will only hurt a little, that it is the pain America needs to balance her budget; yet, facts how this platform will not balance the budget, it will put more money in rich people’s pocket and control women’s bodies. But. the two smooth operators tell America, “It will only hurt a little”. This is equavilent to a gynecologist telling a woman, “this will hurt just a little”. But, every woman who has had that cold rod jammed into her vagina, knows it hurts, LIKE HELL – and so will Mitt Romney and America HURT

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