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Mitt Romney 47% Loss Concession Speech CC Rider To Paul Ryan & Atheist Ayn Rand Mepac Obama

Mitt Romney’s concession speech on election night will also include the soul song “CC Rider”, which he will sing to Paul Ryan and Atheist Ayn Rand, Ryan’s life coach. He will be singing and thinking ‘see what you done’. This is the one and only time Mitt Romney will display any inkling of ‘soul’. Personally, I don’t think he has one. But, after his big loss on Nov. 6th, he will give us a glimpse into his soul by saying/singing, “See What Cha Done Ayan Ryan”, meaning cost him the election, because of the 47% nightmare, which I believe is directly attributable to the Ayan Ryan ‘Pro-rich and screw the poor philosophy’, which Paul Ryan endorsed at an early stage in his career. He believed in Ayn’s philosophy so much, that he demanded his new staffers read her book. Since his catapult to the VP spot, Paul Ryan has tried to disown Ms. Ryan. Too late buddy – the cat is out of the bag. You are a Ayn Rand protege, which is reflected in the radical Ryan Budget, which Mitt Romney endorses, and is the reason Romney made the statement about the 47% Moochers. Romney-Ryan are twins in their Pro-Rich/Anti-Poor beliefs. The Ryan Budget And Mitt Romney’s 47% statement supports the Ayan Rand theory of ANTI-ALTRUISM and CUT-THROAT CAPITALISM, with no concern for the 47%-Ers of America. Profit for the rich is single goal of Ayn Rand’s followers. Adios Amigo Romney – now start singing your song, CC Rider, because you have already lost the election. RYAN BUDGET – Co-drafted by the ghost of Ayan

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