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Question by Agnostic Cowboy: Military Spouses: How hard (and rewarding) is it being married to someone in the military?
What are the pros and cons? How hard is it for you during your spouse’s deployment? Would you recommend the lifestyle or is it one you feel would be too hard for most people? Thanks!

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Answer by Denise
I’m married to a marine and he is in the reserves but he still has to go away, for example tomrwo he is leaving to california for two weeks for training.before I met him I swore I would never marry someone who was in the military… Ha and look where I am now.. its hard he missed all of the holidays last year and I was also pregannt so he was gone my whole pregnancy..we got married last year in july and he left for training in october and he wasn’t really back home until april.. so hewas gone more for our first year then he was home…this year he already missed fathers day with us.. and he is missing the fourth of july.. and it may not be a big deal for other people but these are our first holidays as a family..with our 4 month old baby girl. The pros I guess would be u know you are always going to be safe. And you will be a very proud wife/sig other.

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