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Huckabee, a former preacher and 2008 Republican presidential candidate, was referring to the provision of the Affordable Care Act that requires most employer…
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10 Responses to “Mike Huckabee: Women ‘Can’t Control Libido’ Without Birth Control”

  • WildwoodClaire1:

    “our party stands for the equality of women”…I snorted my coffee at that
    point. If Huck ever became a professional clown, he’d be the biggest draw
    at the circus.

  • Helvetica Neue:

    Not so much that women can’t control their Libido, but they don’t need to.

    I mean if a girl wants to slut around why should I care? I mean i’m not
    dating her or anything. 

  • Doc Wally:

    he believes women who use birth control are sluts?

  • 4111Gulfbuster:

    Klu Klux Faux bible monkey. Yeah I understand his bronze age mentality
    toward women and intelligent individuals. 

  • Robin Caudle:

    Do any of you really understand what he was talking about. He ,like the
    actual women, wants to empower women not dumb them down or make them seem
    inferior. Look at what he actually said not what you want t think he said. 

  • Jerry Sollien:

    Didn’t the republicans just criticizing Obamacare for requiring insurance
    companies to include maternity care. I guess that, too, is so women won’t
    feel “helpless and hopeless”.

  • Richard Rauch:

    Bye byyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeee,
    Rebooblican party. Thanks for sticking around for so long. 

  • rebjiii:

    Conservatives like Mike Huckabee do a wonderful job of steering women to
    the liberal left with their hate and discrimination by supporting barbaric
    legislation requiring rape victims to bear the child their rapists and by
    trying to shut down abortion clinics. It is amusing that republicans &
    conservatives continue to deny that they are waging a WAR ON WOMEN – they
    should just embrace the fact they think women should be treated as 2nd
    class citizens

  • Marcus Unitis:

    The best way to control libido is have frequent sex. Duh…..

  • explodingplant:

    Wow, I’ve never heard that argument. “Affordable healthcare!” “You see, my
    opponent is patronizing you by saying you are helpless little shit who
    needs to government to pay for healthcare.” “Public education!” “How
    patronizing to think you need the government to pay for services like
    schooling instead of being *empowered* to pay for schooling by yourself.”
    You have one fucked up mind, Huckabee.

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