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Legislature Considers Eldridge Single-Payer Healthcare Bill
The bill, heard by the Joint Committee on Health Care Finance, would create a single payer health care system for Massachusetts: a universal public insurance plan covering all medically necessary care. This plan would function for residents under 65 …
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Health care overhaul insures 2.5 million more young adults
The 2.5 million difference can only be the result of the health care law, administration officials said, because the number covered by public programs like Medicaid went down slightly. But the health care law's main push to cover the uninsured doesn't …
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Gingrich Push on Health Care Appears at Odds With GOP
Mr. Gingrich's chief Republican rival, Mitt Romney, has found himself on the defensive among conservatives for signing a universal health care law when he was governor of Massachusetts. But Mr. Gingrich has his own history with health care policy, …
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