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Kura Care Adult Right Hand Angled Spoon

Kura Care Adult Right Hand Angled Spoon

Comfortable, Finger Indents & Profiled Grip Stainless Steel & Latex Free Children’s Version Available. This new range of profiled stainless steel cutlery has been designed to provide a comfortable grip for those who find it difficult to grip ordinary cutlery, in particular those with arthritis. The knife has a serrated edge to allow easier cutting and the knife and fork have indents to aid accurate finger control.The spoons feature a deeper bowl to reduce spills. The two tone styling has been carefully designed to reduce the appearance of the curved profile, making the cutlery appear more stylish and inclusive. Available individually as Knife, Fork, Spoon and Right Handed Angled Spoon or as a set of 3 (knife, fork and spoon). Dishwasher safe and latex free.

List Price: $ 5.44

Price: $ 5.44

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