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Biden Turns Air Blue At Health Bill Signing 5:26pm UK, Tuesday March 23, 2010 David Williams, Sky News Online US Vice President Joe Biden has revealed an unhealthy habit for bad language during the signing of Barack Obama’s historic bill. The above video clip contains strong language The 67-year-old was caught out swearing during the televised ceremony at the White House as he introduced his president to put pen to paper on the landmark healthcare legislation. The pair embraced and viewers could hear Mr Biden underline the importance of the occasion to his colleague. “This is a big f***ing deal,” he told Mr Obama and, inadvertently, the rest of the American people after the comment was picked up by the microphone. The president barely reacted amid heightening applause from the guests as he stepped forward to begin his address. It is not the first time Mr Biden had “dropped the F-bomb” while standing in front of a live microphone in Washington. Only last week, he told an old friend from the US Senate “gimme af***ing break” after he had referred to him as “Mr Vice President” before addressing an audience on investment into the US rail travel.

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