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A new book called, Saving Private Healthcare was released by author Michael Kalthoff on August 22, 2012 on and At 263 pages, Saving Private Healthcare is a pure, free-market, commonsense and complete re-design of all sectors of our healthcare system including Medicare and Medicaid with a sweeping new approach called, “The Saving Private Healthcare Initiative.” The Initiative is both an encompassing plan combined with a movement of private citizens and healthcare experts who will bring down healthcare costs by two-thirds or trillion per year by 2022. More comprehensive and more free-market than Congressman Paul Ryan’s Path to Prosperity, The Initiative solution begins with The 7 Freedoms of Healthcare, followed by The 10 Major Reforms of healthcare, concluding with the outlines of 7 federal bills The Initiative will take to Capitol Hill for passage. State recommendations are added as well. Reforms include moving health insurance from employer-selected to consumer-purchased through Medical Escrow Accounts, reforming Medicare into Medicare-Private with a replacement benefit support program that deposits a monthly amount into everyone’s Medical Escrow Account so they can stay on their private insurance before, during and after turning 65. Consumers will be able to price compare and select their doctors and hospitals on an Internet computer system similar to Orbitz or Expedia, fully pay for medical care with healthcare credit

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