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Jerry Baker’s Cut Your Health Care Bills in Half!: 1,339 Terrific Tips & Surefire Strategies to Save You Thousands of Dollars (Jerry Baker Good Health series)

  • Hardcover

Slashing health care costs is easy with the natural alternative treatments for 105 bothersome ailments—from anemia and insomnia to migraines and varicose veins—explored in this invaluable reference. Organized by ailment for easy reference, this guide reveals how to safely and effectively treat a variety of health complaints with low-cost remedies made from ordinary household products. Readers learn how to tame joint pain with ginger, heal cold sores with licorice, and eat beans to boost brain power. From “Tea Time” treats to “Food Pharmacy” tips, this collection of cost-cutting, health-boosting fix-its helps minimize medical bills while improving everyday wellbeing. Each physician-recommended tip is coupled with a detailed explanation of the ailment and the remedy, as well as information on when an illness requires the expertise of a doctor.

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Price: $ 3.95

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