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Jana Setha 2012

The continued existence of poverty despite decades of anti-poverty programs has led area specialists to the conclusion that poverty is more complex than was initially assumed. In reality, poverty is often a volatile condition. A catastrophic loss of economic well-being can occur for any number of reasons. Adverse shocks occur more often among the poor because they encounter greater risks in terms of poor nutrition, lack of preventive health care, and exposure to environmental contaminants.. As a result, we Leos have taken the initiative of organizing a “Mega Multi Service Project — JANA SETHA” focusing primarily on the below categories: • Nutrition Development • Advance in Health Care • Green Environment This Mega Multi Service Project will be able to outfit various desires of villagers in Kalapugama Village, Wadduwa on 17th March 2012 at Sumangalarama Temple, Kalapugama, Waduuwa. Organizers • Leos of Leo club of Mahanama College of Leo District 306 C2 • Leos of Leo Club of Maharagama Golden City of Leo District 306 C2 • Leos of Leo club of Godigamuwa of Leo District 306 A2 • Leos of Leo Club of Kalubowila of Leo District 306 A2 Visit :
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