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Is the health care law already running a deficit?
Secretary Sebelius certainly appears to be a bit clueless as Johnson tosses a bunch of numbers at her, clearly trying to show that the Obama health care law is now projected to show a deficit. But he gets his own facts and figures mixed up, …
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More 'Mediscare' hooey, GOP version
The Facts The current Medicare system, in place since the mid-1960s, is essentially a government-run health care program, with hospital and doctors' fees paid by the government, though beneficiaries also pay premiums for some services as well as …
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Obamacare's Gross Costs Double, CBO Projects
By Richard Wagner and Martin Gould The gross costs of the national healthcare law rammed through Congress by President Barack Obama will reach an estimated $ 1.76 trillion over 10 years – nearly twice the amount originally projected.

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