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Denville, NJ (PRWEB) February 20, 2013

The management of healthcare can be a tedious task due to the various divisions involved. By using a physical therapy software or an EMR (electronic medical record), it can provide several benefits to any healthcare facility, especially with the different physical therapy centers all over the world.

Both large-scale and small-scale physical therapy centers will gain an advantage if a physical therapy EMR is utilized. It basically offers a number of features that can comply with the different aspects on physical therapy practice.

According to Chhoda, for proper physical therapy management, it is not considered complete without the reporting capabilities offered by a physical therapy EMR. As long as the reporting feature is utilized optimally, the average number of visits for each patient can be monitored easily. This figure can be linked with referral indicators. Any problems or inadequacies can be recognized in which patients are more likely to self-discharge. Previously, this kind of exhaustive reporting takes a lot of time to gather. With the help of the physical therapy software, needed reports are made in just a matter of minutes.

Chhoda said, “It is a known fact that medical billing can be a burden, together with insurance companies who pay approximately half on all the claims that were submitted. With the help of the EMR, it works by improving these submissions. Additionally, it helps eliminate errors, boost the efficiency of the overall process, as well as makes the identification process on claims a lot easier.” The software allows the medical billing staff access to all the required tools to track the insurance companies that deny or reject claims on a regular basis.

The scheduling process in any physical therapy practice is also where money is lost due to inefficiency. In case one of the patients might cancel without notice, the number of cancelled appointments to be rearranged, patients who do not show up, all will definitely incur losses. The software can provide the solutions needed to deal with problems when it comes to the scheduling.

With the benefits offered by an EMR, it will make any physical therapy center even more efficient in terms of providing services as well as with the management. Any physical therapy center that utilizes the software are considered more efficient, improved insurance claim acceptance rates and can deal with problems that might arise easily.

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Nitin Chhoda PT, DPT is a licensed physical therapist, a certified strength and conditioning specialist and an entrepreneur. He is the author of “Physical Therapy Marketing For The New Economy” and Marketing for Physical Therapy Clinics and is a prolific speaker, writer and creator of products and systems to streamline medical billing and coding, electronic medical records, health care practice management and marketing to increase referrals. He has been featured in numerous industry magazines, major radio and broadcast media, and is the founder of Referral Ignition training systems and the annual Private Practice Summit. Chhoda speaks extensively throughout the U.S., Canada and Asia. He is also the creator of the Therapy Newsletter and Clinical Contact, both web-based services to help private practices improve communication with patients, delivery better quality of care and boost patient retention.

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