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Denville, NJ (PRWEB) September 20, 2012

You wouldnt provide a one-size fits all healthcare solution for patients and when it comes to your clinic, an EMR should be tailor made for a physical therapy practice, said Chhoda. There are hundreds of EMRs available, but not all of them were developed for therapists or offer the custom abilities needed for a physical therapy clinic.

Chhoda noted that a web-based EMR requires no on-site servers or extensive infrastructure upgrades that can cost several thousands of dollars, even with incentive payments offered by the federal government. Another consideration is security. Those with a web-based system arent responsible for maintaining the stringent standards and security measures required to remain HIPAA compliant, and theres no need to hire an independent IT team to keep the system operational. Chhoda offered the following insights for therapists when selecting an EMR.

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