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In Our Right Mind: the Transforming Power of Women in Healthcare

Healthcare desperately needs what women have to offer: ways of working and leading that move both human effort and the human spirit forward in tough times. While almost 80% of healthcare workers are women, they occupy fewer than 10% of leadership positions. That needs to change, according to leadership coach Dr. Paula Butterfield. She challenges women to think beyond traditional top-down management and bring all of their strengths to bear in creating the conditions that allow people to thrive. Whether you’re in the executive suite, at the point of care, or managing in between, this book shows you how to nurture a culture of caring and courage that produces what every leader wants: stellar service for patients and one another, resilience and adaptability in the face of change, personal commitment and accountability at all levels of the organization. The author invites you into her world as a leadership coach. Using exercises, practices, client stories, and examples, she gets you thinking differently about what you do and why and how you do it. She pushes you to bring traditionally feminine strengths like empathy, the desire for meaningful work, and an emphasis on building networks and relationships to work on a big scale. How do we get inspired performance in a world that is changing so quickly we cannot predict what will happen next week, much less next year? How do we keep patients rather than policies and procedures at the center of attention? We nurture our natural capacity to thrive, a capacity that women have practiced for ages.

List Price: $ 26.00

Price: $ 26.00

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