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Question by eagle: If “Universal Health Care” is passed is it fair that out elected officials should have a different plan?
If “Universal Health Care” is so good, why is it not good enough for our elected officials? Is something wrong here?

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Answer by lawgirl
You will have a choice. They should have the same choice as you. It isn’t that it is so great, it is that it is better than what many people have. That’s like saying government officials should live on the same amount that people on welfare should.

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3 Responses to “If “Universal Health Care” is passed is it fair that out elected officials should have a different plan?”

  • jehen:

    Universal Health care just means every one is covered. All of the current plans rely on current coverages by employers – private and public employers and has incentives to increase employer-based coverage.

    So you are mistaken of you think elected officials get to keep their plan when no one else can keep theirs. Everyone keeps what they have, but more is available to more people and a government plan will be in place for people not covered by employer or private insurance.

  • Comrade Obama:

    No,they should be in the exact same plan as everyone else.If they pass Universal Health Care then Medicare,Medicaid,and any Programs for Government Employees need to end immediately.All people need to be in the same sytem.If it’s so great,why go outside the system for care(As most people with any financial ability to,do in almost every Country with Universal Care)

    All Hail Comrade 0bama!!

  • brown9500.v10:

    If it isn’t good enough for Congress, why are Republicans complaining that insurance companies will not be able to compete with the government option.

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