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Question by Chris *Hates Stupid R&S People*: Idea for healthcare bill?
First please just listen before you start saying you stupid republican!!

Ok so why not we have healthcare for people who are unemployed or make under 700$ a month though so that people arnt lazy the free healthcare will only be available for 5-6 months. If you make over 700$ a month then you will have the option for private healthcare. If you make over 700$ there WILL NOT be a government option. Say if you get cancer while you are unenployed the goverment option will cover it for the 5-6 months

Any add ons or problems?

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Answer by McOldie
You are obviously a person who demands perfection and equality for all before you can agree to an idea. Hope your life is perfect, too.

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4 Responses to “Idea for healthcare bill?”

  • Mogollon Dude:

    Make sure people are able to have good paying jobs so they can by their own health coverage if they wish .

  • razzy:

    My cousin was born with a heart defect. No insurers will cover her due to her heart problems.
    My father had a heart attack. He was dropped like a hot potato by his insurer. Although he has been a non-smoker for over 10 years now and has watched his health and diet like a pro, he cannot find an insurer with anything close to being a reasonable rate.

    Bottom line: What a great system we have right now. Our “health care providers” get to pick and choose who they want to live and what medical services they want to help pay for and which ones they don’t. Talk about death panels.

  • MrNeutral:

    YOur picture says it all. Nonsense.

  • jennifer:

    We have a health care plan for people making $ 700 a month and that is Medicaid. You do have to qualify for the program in other ways beside low income. So what is your plan exactly?

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