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Question by Joel: i need hip replacement surgery with no insurance?
diagnosed with avascular necrosis. insurance coverage not available at job. denied tenn care

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Answer by Kraftee
Beginning Oct. 1 the insurance exchanges will be rolled out. To find out what the impact will be on people like you, try this web site that tells you based on things like your age, gender, income, etc.

You can also read the info available at to get you started.

Below, I’ve copied some basic info that explains the changes and what your benefits might be.

Starting October 1, 2013, you can shop through the Health Insurance Marketplace for coverage beginning in 2014. The Health Insurance Marketplace is a new way to compare and buy health plans and to get your health coverage questions answered. Through the marketplace you can:

Shop online and get help by phone or in person to find the plan that works for you and your family.
Compare health plans. Health plans will now offer four different tiers, known as metal levels. The tiers allow you to more easily compare plans and costs “apples to apples.”
Find out what kind of financial help you may be able to get to buy health coverage.
There Are New Options to Help You Pay for Your Health Coverage

The Health Insurance Marketplace can help you find out about financial help to pay for your coverage. The amount of financial help is based on your family size and income.

You may be able to get a new type of tax credit to help with the cost of your monthly premium.
You may also be able to get a subsidy to help pay for costs like deductibles and copayments.
Your Coverage Has a Core Set of Benefits

Plans must cover certain health care services.

Plans must cover certain important health care services, including:
Doctor visits
Emergency room care
Hospital visits
Maternity and newborn care
Mental health and substance abuse treatment
Prescription drugs
Rehabilitative and habilitative services and devices
Laboratory services
Preventive and wellness services and chronic disease management
Pediatric services, including oral and vision care.
Your plan covers more preventive care. For example, health screenings and tests for colon cancer, diabetes and heart disease are now covered if they are recommended for you. See the full list of preventive services.
You Have More Consumer Protections

The health care law makes sure your coverage works for you when you get sick, no matter which plan you choose.

Your health plan can’t deny you coverage because of health problems you had before your insurance started (known as pre-existing conditions).
Your health plan can’t drop your coverage if you get sick.
Your health plan can’t put annual or lifetime dollar limits on how much it will pay for most of your medical bills.
Your health plan can’t charge you more because of your gender or if you get very sick.
Health Coverage Goes Further

The health care law makes sure health coverage goes further than it did before, no matter what plan you choose.

You can keep your children on your family plan until they reach age 26—even if they don’t live at home, are married or attend school.
Your plan must spend at least 80 cents of every dollar on health care rather than on administrative costs (costs that are not related to your care).
There are limits on what your plan can make you pay for your deductible, copayments and coinsurance.
Beginning in 2014, most people must have health coverage. Most coverage available meets the requirement to have health insurance, including Medicaid, Medicare, TRICARE or veteran’s coverage; a plan through an employer; or coverage offered through the Health Insurance Marketplace. People who don’t get health insurance may have to pay a penalty. Check with the Health Insurance Marketplace or call (800) 318-2596, to learn more.

If you are new to the United States and living here legally (sometimes called lawfully present immigrants), you can purchase coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace. Undocumented immigrants are not allowed to purchase coverage through a health insurance marketplace, even if they pay the full cost of coverage.

Get More Information

Remember: If you are not able to get health coverage through your work, you can buy health care insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Visit the Health Insurance Marketplace or call (800) 318-2596 to learn what new options are available to you and whether you can get help in paying for your coverage.

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  • Sara's mom:

    The first response was the best one. Open enrollment begins October 1st and the website is up and running now. You can register now and they are sending out regular informational emails. I signed up a few months ago. If you can wait just a little longer you will have some type of medical coverage for this. The good news is they can’t deny you coverage for pre-existing conditions.

    PS – Um, I would not consider the suggestion of the other person who responded. Are you serious? Travel all the way to India for a hip replacement? Spam is everywhere, I swear.

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