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HR3962 Free Speech Stopped At Explosive John Adler Town Hall

Produced by Read full account at US Congressman John Adler, a Democrat who voted against HR3962, held a Government Run Health Care Town Hall at the JFK Center in Willingboro NJ where self interest union sponsored HR 3962 supporters and Obama supporters suppressed one person’s speech without listening first. The entire meeting was a parade of Obama supporters chastising Adler for not supporting Obama and reminding him their town is what helped him into the job and displaced the Republican. Adler pointed out that Obama was not fully happy with HR3962. He also pointed out reasons for voting no that amounted to the bill not going far enough. The barrage lasted for over 1 hour with 15 individuals taking the mic. It was caustic and acrimonious at times. The last individual to speak was shouted down when pro HR 3962 organizers prematurely assumed the question would be against the bill and Obama. HR3962 is equivalent to changing the US Constitution. Citizens do want to debate this bill against the treasured shared values and perhaps without the elected officials molding the discussion district by district. Some groups want to suppress that speech against Government Run Health care for their special interests in particular unions that benefit most from Government Run Health care to the loss of all Americans. DO NOT MISS THIS TOWN HALL IT IS EXPLOSIVE .
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